Match log

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General info

  • Member association : DPR Korea Football Association
  • Currently playing :

Team record in UEFA competitions

  • Biggest win:
    14/09/2007, Korea DPR 2-0 Nigeria, Chengdu
  • Biggest defeat:
    22/09/2007, Germany 3-0 Korea DPR, Wuhan
  • Appearances in FIFA Women's World Cup: 2
  • Player with most appearances: 3
    Hong Myong Hui ( Korea DPR PRK)
    Ho Un Byol ( Korea DPR PRK)
    Song Jong Sun ( Korea DPR PRK)
    Yun Hyon Hi ( Korea DPR PRK)
    Kim Su Gyong ( Korea DPR PRK)
    Ra Un Sim ( Korea DPR PRK)
    Jo Yun Mi ( Korea DPR PRK)
    Ri Ye Gyong ( Korea DPR PRK)
    Jon Myong Hwa ( Korea DPR PRK)
    Kim Un Ju ( Korea DPR PRK)
    Jong Pok Sim ( Korea DPR PRK)
    Ri Un Hyang ( Korea DPR PRK)