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Stade de France

Stade de France is a famous football stadium located in Saint-Denis and has hosted a large number of prestigious sporting events and this year’s UEFA Champions League Final is sure to be ranked alongside the greatest.

Key facts

· Stade de France capacity: 80,698
· Record attendance: 80,056, Rennes vs Guingamp (09/05/2009)
· Tenants: France national team

If you’re a regular at Stade de France events, keep in mind that the stadium might be operating differently than normal. We want you to have the most memorable night, so remember to always show good sportsmanship for both teams and the referees and we kindly ask you to stay in your designated seats.

Matchday schedule

18:00 – Gates open

20:45 – Opening ceremony with a headline performance by Camila Cabello

21:00 – Kick-off

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🎒 Bag policy

You can only enter the stadium with bags no bigger than A4, so it's best if you don't bring a bag at all if possible.

Remember that umbrellas and professional cameras won’t be allowed in! For more details read over the stadium rules. Also, check out the prepping and packing page for more tips.

🍟 Food and drink

All the excitement is sure to help you work up an appetite and there will be concessions available at the stadium that have got you covered.

  • Remember you will not be allowed to bring in any of your own food or drinks, including empty or open water bottles.
  • If you purchase drinks, don’t forget to bring your cups back to the concession kiosk.
  • Be like the pros and grab your food and drink before the match kicks off to avoid busy times.

A selection of sweet and savoury snacks such as burgers, sandwiches, crisps by Lays and Doritos, hot dogs, popcorn, chips and cookies will be available. You are allowed to take purchased food and beverages to your seat.

You can pay by Mastercard, other cards, contactless, or with cash in Euros.

Fan shops (Boutique Officielle)

UEFA via Getty Images

There will be official merchandise shops around the stadium. All the details on buying your UEFA Champions League Final souvenirs will be posted shortly so check back here soon!

💡 Stadium rules

When planning your matchday, keep in mind that stadium rules for UEFA Champions League Final may differ from the usual regulations at Stade de France.

Check our Prepping and Packing guide to find out what’s OK to bring.

More questions? You can download the full Stadium Rules as a PDF below.


Download stadium rules

AFP/Getty Images

📢 Guidance at the stadium

Our team of stewards and volunteer staff are all ready to welcome you. They’re always on the lookout for anyone who might need help, so don’t be surprised if they pop up and say hello.

If you need any assistance about finding your entrance or have any questions, they will be able to give you directions and provide information.

👀 Safety and security

Security is a team effort.

To make Stade de France safe for everyone, there are security measures that you may notice when you arrive. We’re screening everyone before they enter the stadium and carrying out bag searches.

As well as the security measures we have in place, we rely on you to be our extra eyes and ears. When you're on the way to the game and inside the stadium, be aware of your surroundings. Report anything that doesn't seem right to a steward. They'll know what to do and get it checked out. By doing this, you're doing your bit to keep everyone safe.


🙅🏼 Packing and forbidden items

Besides my match ticket, what else do I need to enter?

Aside from your match ticket, don’t forget your ID! It should be the same one that you provided in the ticketing system.

What if I need to bring something for medical reasons?

You can apply for an exemption by contacting the stadium customer service team, who will guide you on how to get permission for your requested items. Make sure you do so at least three days before matchday.

What props am I allowed to bring inside the stadium?

You can bring in props or flags up to a maximum size of 1.5m x 2.0m. For more specifics, read the detailed stadium rules.

✔️ Stadium entry and security

What’s the best time to get to the stadium? How early is recommended?

Gates will open at 18:00 so we recommend starting your journey to the stadium well before kick-off, especially if you are coming from Paris city centre.

Can I leave the stadium once I enter and then come back in?

Re-entry is not permitted. If you choose to leave the stadium, you won’t be allowed back in.

What if I’m late to the match, can I still enter after kick-off?

Don’t worry, you will still be able to enter the stadium if you’re a bit late as long as the security situation onsite allows it.

Can I use any entrance to enter the stadium and get to my seat?

Please only use the entrance specified on your ticket. If you arrive at a different entrance, you will be turned away and asked to find yours.

What if I decide to come by car at the last minute, where can I park?

There is no fan parking available at the stadium. We strongly advise getting to the stadium using public transport. Check out our Getting to the stadium page for more details.

Is there a minimum age for attending the match?

There is no minimum age for attending the match, but everyone will need a valid match ticket, regardless of their age.

Do underage ticket holders need to be accompanied by an adult?

Any ticket holders under 16 years of age will only be able to enter with an accompanying adult.

🏟️ Facilities

Are there phone charging stations around the stadium in case my phone runs out of battery?

No, however you can bring a small power supply for your phone if you’re worried about running out of battery.

Can I smoke inside the stadium? What about e-cigarettes?

Smoking in the stands is not permitted. Thank you for respecting the No Smoking policy.

If you wish to smoke, look out for the designated areas or please ask your nearest stewards for directions.

Are there toilets both inside and outside the stadium?

Yes, you can find toilets inside and outside the stadium.

If it rains will the stadium be covered?

Yes, the roof of the stadium is designed in a way that fans will be covered in case any summer showers come our way on the night of the match.

Is there a place at the stadium to store large items such as backpacks or my bike?

There are no dedicated bike racks for fans at the stadium so we advise you to leave your bike at home. Large backpacks also can’t be brought in so ensure your belongings fit into an A4-sized bag.

Do I need to have cash and are there cash machines around the stadium?

You don’t need to have cash and you make all your purchases at the stadium by Mastercard or other credit cards. However, if you want to withdraw cash, there are two bank machines (one at Gate H and one at Gate N) and another machine facing Gate D but on the other side of the street.

👕 Fan shops (Boutique Officielle)

Where can I buy official UEFA Champions League merchandise?

You can stock up on an assortment of items including scarves, t-shirts, mini balls, mini trophy keychains and pins at the official Fan Shop locations around the stadium.

You can also get your gear at the UEFA Champions League Trophy Experience in Paris. For more details check out the Trophy Experience page.

Is payment by card only?

You can pay with Mastercard, other credit cards or by cash in Euros.

Can I carry what I’ve bought into the stadium?

If you have purchased official merchandise from any of the Fan shops (Boutique Officielle), you will be able to take it with you into the stadium as long as it is in an official UEFA Champions League Final bag. This will not affect your bag allowance.

Can I return items that I’ve bought?

Once you’ve made your purchase, the items are yours to keep! However, if a product you have bought is defective, you can return it.

📱 Tickets

What if I have a problem with my match ticket? Is there a dedicated desk onsite to help?

Yes! There will be Ticketing Centre adjacent to Stade de France. It will be open from 14:00-18:00 the day before the match and from 14:00-21:00 on matchday.

For more details have a look at the ticket FAQs.

If there’s an issue with your ticket, you will be asked to provide a valid proof of ID (the same ID that you provided in the ticketing system and/or UEFA Mobile Ticket app), so make sure you have it on you.

🍕 Food and drink

Can I bring my own food or snacks into the stadium?

No, you may not bring in any food or drinks.

What languages will menus at concessions be available in?

All menus will be displayed and written in French and English.

Are there vegetarian or vegan options available?

For all the veggie lovers out there, don’t worry, there will be snack and sandwich options for you.

♿ Stadium Accessibility

I have a question about accessibility at the stadium. Where can I get more information?

Check out our dedicated Accessibility page for detailed information on travel and transport, accessibility services at the stadium and more.