Higher Champions League revenue

UEFA has estimated that the gross budgeted income for the 2005/06 UEFA Champions League will be €598m – higher than the revenue obtained last season.

Use within European football
Based on those amounts, €453m would go to the 32 clubs, including €22.5m for the professional leagues of the participating associations, and €145m to UEFA for European football. The net amount of €430m (€453m in revenue less €22.5m for the professional leagues of the participating associations) available to the clubs will be split into a fixed amount of €206m – starting bonuses, performance bonuses, match bonuses), and €206m for the so-called TV market pool (distributed proportionally to the income from the TV contracts of each country). A surplus of €18.6m is expected for this year’s competition.

Club payments
Each of the 32 clubs involved in the Champions League group stage will receive a starting fee of €1.6m. In addition, they will receive a bonus of €321,000 per match. Performance bonuses will involve €321,000 for a win and €161,000 for a draw in the group stage.

Winners' reward
The 16 teams playing in the first knockout round will receive €1.6m each, the eight quarter-finalists €1.9m each and the four semi-finalists €2.6m. The Champions League winners will receive €6.4m, and the runners-up €3.9m.

Total minimum amount
This means that a total minimum amount of €3.5m per club is guaranteed for the group stage. A club could receive, at best, up to €18m, not counting the TV market pool share and gate receipts.

Solidarity amounts
Solidarity payments to European associations, leagues and clubs are expected to total around €75m. Some €22.5m will go to European leagues represented in the Champions League, while between €6.4m and €11.6m will be distributed among the European leagues not represented in the competition. The solidarity contributions are, among other things, intended for investment in club youth development programmes.