Puel proud as Lăcătuş rues 'gifts'

Disbelief summed up the thought of the coaches after Olympique Lyonnais won 5-3 at FC Steaua Bucureşti with victorious Claude Puel hailing a "fantastic result" and the defeated Marius Lăcătuş admitting he was "very upset".

Claude Puel (left) celebrates as Lyon go 5-3 up
Claude Puel (left) celebrates as Lyon go 5-3 up ©Getty Images

Marius Lăcătuş, Steaua coach
I'm very upset, because we could have got a good result, even a victory. Unfortunately we did not achieve this because of a lack of confidence and because of mistakes, which allowed our opponents to get in front of the goal and score. At this level if you make not only mistakes, but also give gifts to a team like Lyon, you are punished; you don't have any hope of getting a positive result. We could not keep the ball away from our goal, we lost the ball too easily and this allowed Lyon to play how they wanted: on the counterattack, with one-on-ones because technically they are superior. We now have to try and learn, to improve, to prepare and to believe in our chances until the end, because we still have three matches left. We have not won any of the last six matches, but I don't think it's a crisis. Yes, we seemed to be afraid, but no, there isn't any crisis.

Claude Puel, Lyon coach
It's fantastic, especially how the score worked out. We were 2-0 down, we equalised, then Steaua scored again and we had to prove our character. And my players did just that. My players are capable of coming back whatever the score is, they never quit; it's fantastic. My players had a great night. They believed until the end in their chances and were rewarded. Don't forget that Steaua made it 3-2 shortly before the break and my players had to put a lot of pressure on our opponents, and that's what they did. Steaua are a very dangerous team, well organised, and they know what to do with the ball. That's why our victory is much more important, because we managed to prevent them, especially in the second half, developing their way of playing. Every match is difficult though, and it would be wrong to say that in Lyon we will have an easy game against Steaua.