Heynckes hails 'hungry' Bayern after Madrid win

FC Bayern München showed "passion, lust and hunger" according to Jupp Heynckes as they won 2-1, but José Mourinho is confident Real Madrid CF can turn the semi-final around.

Heynckes hails 'hungry' Bayern after Madrid win
Heynckes hails 'hungry' Bayern after Madrid win ©UEFA.com

Jupp Heynckes, Bayern coach
If the score is 1-1, it is always possible for you to concede a goal when you are pushing for the win. You are hoping for it to end in at least a 1-1 draw or that you somehow score another goal. Altogether it was a deserved win. Madrid started out well in the first ten to 15 minutes but then we took command. We played that very cleverly and pulled through in the end.

We delivered the things I had asked for yesterday. We showed passion, lust and were hungry for success, which is exactly what you need in the Champions League semi-finals. My players did just that today. Madrid are a classy team, you don't win against them without any problems and I'm very satisfied with our overall performance. After they made it 1-1 Madrid played quite well for ten minutes, then we took control and you could see the power and passion of my team. In Madrid we need to score a goal rather than try to park the bus.

The equaliser was played very well by Madrid, they are perfect on the counterattack. You cannot really blame anyone in that instance, everything went so fast. But we could have been better positioned earlier in that move.

The winning goal is what Mario Gomez is all about. He needs crosses, he anticipates them very well and he was just in the right place for that goal. He played a great game today, he ran a lot, tried to win every ball and was very strong. But the best player on the pitch today was Franck Ribéry.

José Mourinho, Madrid coach
It's our first defeat in the Champions League [this season] but it's not one that leaves me with negative feelings. We lost away from home in a good game. It was a typical Champions League semi-final. We didn't deserve to lose but we did. Football is like that.

We have the second leg to come and it's not like we have to make a historic comeback; what we have to do is very achievable. It's very hard to win a tie with just one result over two legs, a result that puts you directly into the final after one match. If we win at home 1-0, 2-0, 3-1 we are there. I am optimistic we can return here to play in the final.

We let in the first goal in a dead-ball situation. We then equalised and tried to win from there, but in the later stages it appeared the game was over; both teams were tired and there were a lot of mistakes. It looked like it was going to be a draw but what can you do? We are in April and our team has been playing demanding games, where they are always obliged to win. It's normal that you might have a player not at the top of his game at this time.

I think my team is in good condition to respond well [in the second leg]. Our fans are also going to play a part just as the Bayern supporters did here. We have little time to prepare for the game but on Wednesday the team will be ready. I don't know what type of game awaits us in the second leg. We always play to win, home and away, so let's go for it.