Allegri enjoys Milan's 'beautiful night'

Massimiliano Allegri urged AC Milan to "enjoy this beautiful night" after the 2-0 win against FC Barcelona, whose assistant coach Jordi Roura said it will be "a different story" in Spain.

Allegri enjoys Milan's 'beautiful night'
Allegri enjoys Milan's 'beautiful night' ©

Massimiliano Allegri, Milan coach
We played a great game defensively. We knew that Barcelona love to keep possession, but we never lost composure. In the first half we created some interesting counterattacks but unfortunately lacked the killer pass. We are very satisfied, but now it's time to start thinking about the derby [against Inter on Sunday], because that's another crucial game for us.

The return leg will be a different game and we know it will be difficult, so it's a pity we didn't score the third at home. The boys were very good at restricting [Lionel] Messi, but we need to show the same intensity on the pitch if we want survive at Camp Nou and reach the quarter-finals. Barça made our life difficult in the first half, when they kept the ball on the flanks, but we stayed focused and now we can enjoy this beautiful night.

Jordi Roura, Barcelona assistant coach
This wasn't our best game. Although we had problems I think that the result is undeserved. They made a couple of opportunities and scored from them which now makes things tricky for us. We had previously said how difficult it is to come here. Milan were very well-organised at the back and they defended well. We found it very hard to get in behind them.

They played with a lot of men in defence and it's true to say their first goal shocked us a little. We are confident in our own team and playing at our own stadium. It will be a different story in the second leg and we fully believe we can turn this around.