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Klopp lavishes praise on 'unstoppable' Dortmund

"That was pure football, my players were unstoppable," said Borussia Dortmund's Jürgen Klopp after the 4-1 semi-final first leg win over Real Madrid CF who "had a bad night".

Klopp lavishes praise on 'unstoppable' Dortmund
Klopp lavishes praise on 'unstoppable' Dortmund ©

Jürgen Klopp, Dortmund coach
It was an unbelievable display from my team. Madrid are very strong and it was never going to be an easy game. For the first 25 minutes we were great. Then we lost our way a bit and let them back into the match. At half-time we spoke and I urged the players to start playing the way we had early on, which we did and we were much better. I can't explain how to say it in English, but it was like something clicked in the second half.

I gave all my players a hug, because they fully deserved it. That was pure football tonight, my players were unstoppable. We lost the plot a bit after 25 minutes, however, and the players were a bit unsettled, which led to the equaliser. I told them at half-time that nothing had happened and that we would now need to score a goal in Madrid which was our plan anyway.

A great performance in the second half followed. I've never seen such a great goal as [Robert Lewandowski] 'Lewy's' third – that was absolutely amazing. An all-German final surely seems a bit more likely now after the first legs, but we know that we still have a tough match ahead in Madrid. It was a great experience which will remain a lasting memory for everyone involved, no matter what happens in the return leg.

The bad thing about having a first and second leg is that we still need to play a game in Madrid. Therefore, we need to keep calm and not go crazy after this game. We all know that it won't be a walk in the park in Madrid. [Mario] Götze put in a fantastic performance.

We looked a bit unsettled when we conceded the goal. However, if we had not conceded that equaliser, I doubt we would have scored three goals in the second half. We cranked up a gear in the second half and were able to avoid making more mistakes.

José Mourinho, Madrid coach
They were the better side by far. They won their individual battles. They were better organised than us, better physically and better mentally. The game went from 1-1 to 4-1 in such a short space of time. We lost possession easily and couldn't cope with their transitions and speed on the break.

We know everything about them and everything about [Robert] Lewandowski, but we lost him for three of his goals, which is not good enough. When you lose and you deserve to, it is not so hard to take.

For three of the goals we lost possession too easily and didn't mark properly. We know about Lewandowski's movement and he deserves great credit for his performance, but we didn't make it as difficult for him as I would like. 

We were ready and prepared for tonight, but many of the boys had a bad game and a bad night. At club level this is the second-most important game, after the final. Obviously I am very disappointed with how it's gone.

We can [turn it around] – it's very difficult but we can do it. In football anything is possible. On a crazy night when everyone performs at a high level, when every chance is a goal, we can turn it around.

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