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Listen live: Semi-finals begin

Host Rob Daly previews this week's Matchday Live, on each matchnight from 19.30CET in the MatchCentre and via the official app, with live commentaries and more.

Carlo Ancelotti goes back to Juventus on Tuesday
Carlo Ancelotti goes back to Juventus on Tuesday ©Getty Images

Matchday Live, our matchnight radio show live from the MatchCentre and now on the updated version of the official app from 19.30–23.30CET on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, is back to provide you with audio commentary of the week's UEFA Champions League action. Warm up by listening to our quarter-final highlights in 60 seconds ...


• Live commentary: Juventus v Real Madrid CF
• We look back at the 1998 final between these two sides with match winner Predrag Mijatović.
Javier Hernández talks us through his winning goal against Club Atlético de Madrid in the quarter-finals and why he is willing to be patient at Real Madrid.
• YOUR VIEW: As Carlo Ancelotti and Josep Guardiola return to Juventus and FC Barcelona respectively this week, we want to know which players or managers have fared best against their former clubs in the UEFA Champions League? Let us know using #matchdaylive.
• Analysis from European football expert Chris Parrott and commentaor John Bradley.

©Getty Images

• Live commentary: FC Barcelona v FC Bayern München
• Franck Ribéry explains to Matchday Live how his team beat the Blaugrana 7-0 on aggregate at this stage two seasons ago.
• Andrés Iniesta speaks about the moment he first met his "idol" Guardiola and how the Bayern coach has evolved since his Barcelona days.
Paul Saffer is our European football expert alongside commentator Adam Summerton as we review Tuesday's drama and look forward to the second legs.

A half-hour review of the night's action is available to download soon after each show ends on iTunes & Soundcloud, as well as via the app.