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Javier Hernández on Real Madrid emotions

Few will forget Javier Hernández's celebrations after scoring the winner in the quarter-final Madrid derby. He talks us through those emotions and looks ahead to playing Juventus.

Javier Hernández and Cristiano Ronaldo celebrate after beating Atleti
Javier Hernández and Cristiano Ronaldo celebrate after beating Atleti ©AFP/Getty Images

On starting against Atlético ...

I was delighted and I enjoyed it a lot. As well as things going well with us winning the derby and getting through, never mind the goal I scored, I also really enjoyed the occasion with the whole team, starting from getting there on the coach, the atmosphere in the stadium, the warm-up, the anthem, everything. I wanted to savour it as much as possible, I have been wanting to get on the pitch. And when I get the chance I enjoy it to the full.

On scoring the winner ...

I felt a lot of happiness. We were fighting so hard for it, so if another player had scored we would have celebrated the same way. It's a team effort. Over 180 minutes we had tried so hard to score, but Atlético had defended so well and their goalkeeper Jan Oblak was great in both matches. It looked like a goal wouldn't come, but we never lost that faith to keep fighting, as we knew we could still score, and that's how it went.

On his tears after being substituted ...

It was a whirlwind of emotions, also because when I got to the dugout Keylor Navas said some nice words to me. He has always supported me, has always been at my side. We have become great friends because we come from the same part of the world and have played each other many times [Mexico v Costa Rica]. We have also had a similar experience this year, so we have helped one another and have spoken a lot. So the goal I scored was for the whole team, but also for him with everything we have been through together. There were a lot of emotions, and it showed how much football can give you back when you show a lot of effort and patience.

©Getty Images

On the post-match euphoria ...

It was incredible. The whole atmosphere during the match was just on a different planet. The fans supported us incredibly. We were all united in giving our best – the fans with their support, and we players with our efforts on the pitch to win that game. It all came together, it was fantastic and in the end we managed to win.

On Juventus ...

They are a great team in general, and they are a team that never give up. They are well prepared, they are on their way to winning their domestic league again, they have great individual players as well.

On retaining the European title ...

In the Madrid dressing room, Juventus are the focus. But you have to deal with the task at hand, including your domestic matches. Berlin and the final is just too far away from us right now. We have to focus on the first leg in Italy, and try to deal with Juventus as best we can.