Business as usual as Ancelotti takes up Bayern role

Carlo Ancelotti made the distinction between being a coach and a magician as he settled in for his first day at Bayern, vowing to stick to Josep Guardiola's game plan.

Carlo Ancelotti gets a taste of Bavarian culture on his first day at Bayern
Carlo Ancelotti gets a taste of Bavarian culture on his first day at Bayern ©Getty Images

Carlo Ancelotti arrived for his first full day as Bayern München coach, having replaced Manchester City-bound Josep Guardiola. Here is what the 57-year-old had to say about the challenges ahead.

On starting a new job
I have been given the opportunity to train one of the best clubs in the world and I thank Bayern for this. My friend Pep Guardiola has done outstanding work here. We have a fantastic team and will try to be competitive in every competition. A new season starts today and I hope it will be a great one for all the fans.

On the style of football he wants Bayern to play
Bayern have a fantastic tradition and history. I would like to follow this line and style. We want to play attacking football. I am really happy with this squad and we have signed fantastic players. I am not here to start a revolution. Guardiola has done a fantastic job here and I would like to follow this style. The system will be more or less the same.

On the pressure to win the UEFA Champions League
A lot of people ask about the pressure. I have been lucky in my career to train some top teams – Milan, Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea, Juventus, Real Madrid. Every top club wants to win, that I know. But, honestly I don't feel a lot of pressure, because I am used to it.

I think a manager can control almost everything, with the help of the club. The only thing he cannot control is the results. If I could do that as well, I would be a magician, but I am only a manager. This club has to try to win the Champions League, but this is not the only club with that ambition.

On squad management
For a manager, the relationship with the players is the most important thing. You have to be able to work with the team. We need mutual respect. I have an vision and have to convince the players, that this vision is good for them. They have to do the work on the pitch.

Reporter comment: Philip Röber (UEFAcomPhilipR)
Ancelotti revealed that Guardiola had left him a good luck message in the coach's office at Bayern's training ground, and the new arrival was obviously delighted to be taking over such a well-developed squad. Mats Hummels and UEFA EURO 2016's SOCAR Young Player of the Tournament Renato Sanches have joined a team that is unlikely to lose any important players this summer.

The new coach first addressed the media in decent German but switched to English and Italian to explain his philosophy and plans for the season. Ancelotti asked for a realistic expectations of his side in the UEFA Champions League, but after three specific questions about their chances of winning the competition, he can be under no illusions as to what is expected of him.

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