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Milner beats Champions League assists record

James Milner has notched up his ninth assist of Liverpool's campaign, beating a record held by Wayne Rooney and Neymar.

Assists king: James Milner
Assists king: James Milner ©Getty Images

James Milner has beaten the record for assists in a UEFA Champions League campaign after notching up his ninth in the competition for Liverpool this season.

Milner's corner was turned in by Roberto Firmino to put Liverpool 5-0 up against Roma and top a record held by Wayne Rooney and Neymar under the current format introduced for 2003/04. Earlier in the game, Firmino twice set up Mohamed Salah goals to move on to seven assists himself.

Most assists

9James Milner (Liverpool), 701mins, 2017/18
Wayne Rooney (Manchester United), 765mins, 2013/14
Neymar (Barcelona), 797mins, 2016/17
7= Roberto Firmino (Liverpool), 879mins, 207/18
7= Ryan Giggs (Manchester United), 605mins, 2006/07
7= Zlatan Ibrahimović (Paris Saint-Germain), 793mins, 2012/13
7= Xavi Hernández (Barcelona), 971mins, 2008/09