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#UCLfantasy: Introducing the Limitless Wildcard

One of the new features for this season's Fantasy game is the Limitless Wildcard; is matchday three the time to play yours?

Want to get both Mohamed Salah and Neymar in your team?
Want to get both Mohamed Salah and Neymar in your team? ©Getty Images

Ever wished you could have unlimited transfers AND no budgetary restrictions for your Champions League Fantasy Football squad? With the introduction of the Limitless Wildcard, now you can!

The Limitless Wildcard grants you ultimate power for one matchday, so if you want to fit Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Harry Kane, Mohamed Salah and Kevin De Bruyne in your team without making sacrifices elsewhere, you now have the funds to do so!

The Limitless Wildcard operates in the same way as the standard Wildcard; automatic substitutions, manual substitutions and captain change criteria remain the same, and you cannot break formation constraints or select too many players from one team when the booster is used. After the matchday has been completed, your team will revert to its line-up from the previous matchday.

Deciding when to use this booster will be key. Come the end of the season, it could be what catapults you to success in your mini-league, so study the fixtures, plan accordingly, and think about when you can gain the biggest advantage on your rivals.

Visit our Rules page for more information about the Limitless Wildcard and how to use it.