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All you ever wanted to know: Champions League own goals

There have been 199 UEFA Champions League own goals over the years but who has scored the most?

Sergio Ramos scores an own goal against Bayern in the 2016/17 quarter-finals
Sergio Ramos scores an own goal against Bayern in the 2016/17 quarter-finals ©Getty Images

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have both passed 100 UEFA Champions League goals but there is one name that has appeared on the scoresheet almost as many times as the two of them combined: og.

The competition has witnessed 199 official own goals over the years, group stage to final – about one every 15 games. But who got the first, who has scored the most and which team have a great habit of benefitting?

First own goal

Franco Baresi AC Milan 0-2 Ajax, 23/11/1994

There were none in the first two seasons. Benfica's Paulo Madeira diverted into his own net on 28 September 1994, a late consolation for Anderlecht, but the goal was awarded to Marc Degryse.

Most in one season

18 2017/18 (from 125 matches; one every 7 games)

The last three seasons have been the top three in terms of OGs. There were 14 in 2015/16 and 2016/17 before the record was surpassed last term.

2018/19 own goals

Mário Rui (Paris Saint-Germain 2-2 Napoli, 24/10/2018)
Leonardo Bonucci (Juventus 1-2 Manchester United, 07/11/2018)
Ryan Donk (Lokomotiv Moskva 2-0 Galatasaray, 28/11/2018)
Phil Jones (Valencia 2-1 Manchester United, 12/12/2018)
Joël Matip (Bayern München 1-3 Liverpool, 13/03/2019)
Luke Shaw (Manchester United 0-1 Barcelona, 10/04/2019)

Most in one match

Highlights: Astana 2-2 Galatasaray
Highlights: Astana 2-2 Galatasaray

3= Astana 2-2 Galatasaray, 30/09/2015
3= Rangers 1-4 Unirea Urziceni, 20/10/2009

All three own goals in the Astana v Galatasaray match came in a 13-minute spell.

Most by one team in one game

2= Barcelona 4-1 Roma, 10/04/2018
2= Astana 2-2 Galatasaray, 30/09/2015
2= Bayern 3-2 CFR Cluj, 19/10/2010
2= Rangers 1-4 Unirea Urziceni, 20/10/2009

Most on one night

4= 29/09/2015, matchday two
4= 20/10/2009, matchday three

On both occasions there were three own goals in one match there was another elsewhere on the same evening.

Most on one matchday

7 20-21/10/2009, matchday three

Five of the 16 games featured own goals.

Most by one player

Gerard Piqué puts through his own net in the 2013 semis
Gerard Piqué puts through his own net in the 2013 semis©Getty Images

2= Sergio Ramos
2= Gerard Piqué
2= Iván Helguera
2= Alex
2= Wes Brown
2= Igor Akinfeev
2= Răzvan Raț
2= Petri Pasanen
2= Jérémy Mathieu
2= Stefan Savić
2= Gary Caldwell
2= Jardel
2= Tomáš Hubočan
2= Edú Dracena
2= Cadú (18 matches)

Jérémy Mathieu is the only man to score own goals for two clubs: Barcelona (against Paris) and Sporting CP (against Barcelona!).

Most conceded

9 Barcelona, Sporting CP
8 Manchester United, Real Madrid
7 Galatasaray
6 Arsenal, Bayern München

Sporting CP's nine own goals have come in just eight seasons in the competition. Fenerbahçe scored a single-season record of three in 2007/08.

Most benefitted from

14 Chelsea, Barcelona, Real Madrid
11 Manchester United, Bayern München

No team gets close to Chelsea's 'own goal difference' of +13, the solitary blot on the Blues' copy book came courtesy of John Terry in 2005/06. Barcelona benefitted from a single-season record of five in 2017/18.

Scoring at both ends

Which end is Edu (2L) scoring into? Answer below
Which end is Edu (2L) scoring into? Answer below©Getty Images

Maurice Edu (Rangers) D1-1 v Valencia, 20/10/2010
Cadú (CFR Cluj) L2-3 v Bayern München, 19/10/2010
Michaël Ciani (Bordeaux) W2-1 v Bayern München, 21/10/2009
Alex (PSV Eindhoven) D1-1 v Chelsea, 07/03/2007

Cadú broke the deadlock and put through his own net in the space of five minutes at Bayern in 2010. Six minutes later the German side benefitted from another CFR Cluj own goal.

Matches with own goals for both teams

Astana 2-2 Galatasaray, 30/09/2015
Rangers 1-4 Unirea Urziceni, 20/10/2009
Chelsea 1-2 Barcelona, 22/02/2006
Olympiacos 1-3 Rosenborg, 13/09/2005

Fastest own goal

Iñigo Martínez's record-breaking own goal
Iñigo Martínez's record-breaking own goal©Getty Images

1:09 Iñigo Martínez (Manchester United 1-0 Real Sociedad) 23/10/2013
1:28 Ricardo Gomes (Rangers 1-4 Unirea Urziceni) 20/10/2009


Own goals have been evenly spread across the 90 minutes; the 82nd minute is the most common time.

Edú Dracena scored own goals in consecutive UEFA Champions League games for Fenerbahçe in 2007/08. Remarkably, his side won both, overcoming CSKA Moskva 3-1 on matchday six before a 3-2 victory over Sevilla in the round of 16 first leg.

There has never been an own goal in a UEFA Champions League final. We have had plenty in the semis, though, including one last season ...

Photo caption quiz: Edu was, of course, rising imperiously to score an own goal.