2015 final: Berlin

The 2015 final will be played in the German capital.

UEFA capacity: 70,500
Tenants: Hertha BSC Berlin
Opened: 1 August 1936

• The venue, located in western Berlin, was built for the 1936 Olympics and opened at the start of the Games. Designed by local architect Werner March, it originally accommodated 100,000 spectators.

• It has been the home of Hertha Berlin since 1963, when the Bundesliga was founded, and was the biggest stadium used during the 1974 FIFA World Cup, staging three matches.

• The ground underwent extensive renovations between 2000 and 2004 ahead of the 2006 World Cup, when the Olympiastadion held four group games – the quarter-final between Germany and Argentina, and the final between Italy and France.

• Germany have played more than 30 matches at the Olympiastadion, perhaps most notably the 1972 UEFA European Championship quarter-final against England. After a 3-1 win at Wembley, a 0-0 draw was enough for eventual champions West Germany to progress. In October 2012 it witnessed a less happy occasion for Germany as Sweden came from four down to draw 4-4 in a World Cup qualifier.

• The German Cup final has taken place at the Olympiastadion since 1985, but it is a multi-sport arena. It was once home to American football team Berlin Thunder, and in 2009 the running track and infield hosted the 2009 IAAF World Championships in athletics.

2014/15 UEFA Champions League draw schedule
Date Location Draw details
23/06/14 Nyon First and second qualifying round
18/07/14 Nyon Third qualifying round
08/08/14 Nyon Play-off round
28/08/14 Monaco Group stage
15/12/14 Nyon Round of 16
20/03/15 Nyon Quarter-finals
24/04/15 Nyon Semi-finals and final

2014/15 UEFA Champions League match calendar
Stage Dates
First qualifying round, first leg 01-02/07/14
First qualifying round, second leg 08-09/07/14
Second qualifying round, first leg 15-16/07/14
Second qualifying round, second leg 22-23/07/14
Third qualifying round, first leg 29-30/07/14
Third qualifying round, second leg 05-06/08/14
Play-off round, first leg 19-20/08/14
Play-off round, second leg 26-27/08/14
Group stage, matchday one 16-17/09/14
Group stage, matchday two 30/09-01/10/14
Group stage, matchday three 21-22/10/14
Group stage, matchday four 04-05/11/14
Group stage, matchday five 25-26/11/14
Group stage, matchday six 09-10/12/14
Round of 16, first leg 17-18/02/15 or 24-25/02/15
Round of 16, second leg 10-11/03/15 or 17-18/03/15
Quarter-finals, first leg 14-15/04/15
Quarter-finals, second leg 21-22/04/15
Semi-finals, first leg 05-06/05/15
Semi-finals, second leg 12-13/05/15
Final (Olympiastadion , Berlin) 06/06/15

2014/15 UEFA Champions League access list
All information is provisional and subject to final confirmation from UEFA

Association League Route Champions Route Group stage
Rank   Q3 PO Q1 Q2 Q3 PO
N/A Holders             TH
1 Spain   N4         CH RU (N3)
2 England   N4         CH RU N3
3 Germany   N4         CH RU N3
4 Italy   N3         CH RU
5 Portugal   N3         CH RU
6 France N3           CH RU
7 Ukraine RU           CH
8 Russia RU           CH
9 Netherlands RU           CH
10 Turkey RU           CH
11 Belgium RU           CH
12 Greece RU           CH
13 Switzerland RU            CH*
14 Cyprus RU       CH    
15 Denmark RU       CH    
16 Austria         CH*    
17 Czech Republic       CH      
18 Romania       CH      
19 Israel       CH      
20 Belarus       CH      
21 Poland       CH      
22 Croatia       CH      
23 Sweden       CH      
24 Scotland       CH      
25 Serbia       CH      
26 Slovakia       CH      
27 Norway       CH      
28 Bulgaria       CH      
29 Hungary       CH      
30 Slovenia       CH      
31 Georgia       CH      
32 Azerbaijan       CH      
33 Finland       CH      
34 Bosnia and Herzegovina       CH      
35 Moldova       CH      
36 Republic of Ireland       CH      
37 Lithuania       CH      
38 Kazakhstan       CH      
39 Latvia       CH      
40 Iceland       CH      
41 Montenegro       CH      
42 Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia       CH      
43 Albania       CH      
44 Malta       CH      
45 Liechtenstein*              
46 Luxembourg       CH      
47 Northern Ireland       CH*      
48 Wales       CH*      
49 Estonia     CH        
50 Armenia     CH        
51 Faroe Islands     CH        
52 San Marino     CH        
53 Andorra     CH        
54 Gibraltar     CH        

Q1: First qualifying round
Q2: Second qualifying round
Q3: Third qualifying round
PO: Play-off round
TH: The holders
CH: Champions
RU: Runners-up
N3: Third-placed side
N4: Fourth-place side

*Moved forward a stage as title holders Real Madrid CF already qualified via the Liga
**Liechtenstein do not have a league system and therefore do not supply UEFA Champions League representative(s)

Last updated: 27 May 2014