UEFA Champions League group stage draw pots

The lineup and seedings are confirmed for the group stage draw at Monaco's Grimaldi Forum, to be streamed live in the UEFA.com DrawCentre from 17.45CET.

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The lineup and seedings are confirmed for the UEFA Champions League group stage draw at Monaco's Grimaldi Forum, to be streamed live in the UEFA.com DrawCentre from 17.45CET on Thursday and hosted by Peter Schmeichel and Melanie Winiger.

Pot 1: Barcelona, Chelsea, Bayern München, Juventus, Benfica, Paris, Zenit, PSV Eindhoven
Pot 2: Real Madrid, Atlético, Porto, Arsenal, Man. United, Valencia, Bayer Leverkusen, Man. City
Pot 3: Shakhtar Donetsk, Sevilla, Lyon, Dynamo Kyiv, Olympiacos, CSKA Moskva, Galatasaray, Roma
Pot 4: BATE Borisov, Borussia Mönchengladbach, Wolfsburg, Dinamo Zagreb, Maccabi Tel-Aviv, Gent, Malmö, Astana

When is the draw where you are?
When is the draw where you are?©UEFA.com
  • Our coverage from Monaco begins at 16.00CET.
  • There are 32 clubs.
  • 22 qualified automatically.
  • Ten won through from the play-offs.
  • There are four seeding pots.
  • Pot 1 consists of the champions of the eight highest-ranked UEFA nations.
  • Teams placed in Pots 2–4 according to coefficient.
  • Each group will contain one team from each seeding pot.
  • No club can play a side from their association and no Russian team can play a club from Ukraine.
  • The draw also apples to the UEFA Champions League route of the UEFA Youth League.
  • The draw ceremony will include the vote for, and presentation of, the 2014/15 UEFA Best Player in Europe Award for which Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis Suárez are nominated, as well as the women's award.


The pots

Route Last in Years** 2014/15*** Best****
Pot 1
Barcelona Holders 2014/15 20 Winners Winners x 5
Chelsea Champions, England 2014/15 14 Round of 16 Winners x 1
Bayern München Champions, Germany 2014/15 19 Semi-finals Winners x 5
Juventus Champions, Italy 2014/15 16 Runners-up Winners x 2
Benfica Champions, Portugal 2014/15 11 Group stage Winners x 2
Paris Saint-Germain Champions, France 2014/15 8 Quarter-finals Semi-finals
FC Zenit Champions, Russia 2014/15 6 UEL, quarter-finals* Round of 16
PSV Eindhoven Champions, Netherlands 2008/09 14 UEL, round of 32 Winners x 1
Pot 2
Real Madrid Second place, Spain 2014/15 20 Semi-finals Winners x 10
Atlético Madrid Third place, Spain 2014/15 6 Quarter-finals Runners-up
FC Porto Runners-up, Portugal 2014/15 20 Quarter-finals Winners x 2
Arsenal Third place, England 2014/15 18 Round of 16 Runners-up
Manchester United Fourth place, England 2013/14 20 N/A Winners x 3
Valencia Fourth place, Spain 2012/13 9 N/A Runners-up
Bayer Leverkusen Fourth place, Germany 2014/15 10 Round of 16 Runners-up
Manchester City Runners-up, England 2014/15 5 Round of 16 Round of 16
Pot 3
Shakhtar Donetsk Runners-up, Ukraine 2014/15 10 Round of 16 Quarter-finals
Sevilla UEL, winners 2009/10  3 UEL, winners Quarter-finals
Olympique Lyonnais Runners-up, France 2011/12 13 UEL, play-off Semi-finals
Dynamo Kyiv Champions, Ukraine 2012/13 15 UEL, quarter-finals Semi-finals
Olympiacos Champions, Greece 2014/15 17 UEL, round of 32* Quarter-finals
CSKA Moskva Runners-up, Russia 2014/15 9 Group stage Quarter-finals
Galatasaray Champions, Turkey 2014/15 14 Group stage Semi-finals
AS Roma Runners-up, Italy 2014/15 9 UEL, round of 16* Runners-up
Pot 4
BATE Borisov Champions, Belarus 2014/15 5 Group stage Group stage
Borussia Mönchengladbach Third place, Germany N/A 1 UEL, round of 32 Runners-up
Wolfsburg Runners-up, Germany 2009/10 2 UEL, quarter-finals Group stage
Dinamo Zagreb Champions, Croatia 2012/13 5 3qr/UEL group stage Group stage
Maccabi Tel-Aviv Champions, Israel 2004/05 2 3qr/UEL play-off Group stage
Gent Champions, Belgium N/A 1 N/A 3qr
Malmö Champions, Sweden 2014/15 2 Group stage Runners-up
Astana Champions, Kazakhstan N/A 1 UEL, play-off N/A

*Finished third in UEFA Champions League group
**Group stage appearances including 2015/16
***UEFA Champions League unless stated
****Includes pre-1992 European Champion Clubs' Cup
UEL = UEFA Europa League