Fantasy Football Matchday 3 lessons: Defenders

Budget defenders have continued to punch above their weight, although the top scorers are still the more costly options.

Leipzig's Konrad Laimer has been an invaluable acquisition
Leipzig's Konrad Laimer has been an invaluable acquisition ©Getty Images

Matchday 3 continued to demonstrate the value of having a couple of budget defenders in your #UCLfantasy squad.


Only six defenders managed to score ten or more points on Matchday 3, with three of them costing €4.5m or less. The cheapest were Atlético's Renan Lodi (€4.0m) and Konrad Laimer (€4.0m) of Salzburg, with both representing excellent value at the moment.

Overall though, the majority of the top-scoring defenders come with a price tag of €5.5m or higher, with the likes of Thomas Meunier (€5.5m), Achraf Hakimi (€5.5m), and Juan Bernat (€5.5m) performing well. In fact, of the current top ten defenders, only Ajax's Edson Álvarez (€4.5m) costs €4.5m or less.

However, each week there are a number of budget alternatives capable of matching the weekly score of the more premium assets. The unique ability in #UCLfantasy of being able to make substitutions between gamedays means managers can take advantage of these budget defenders. Astute managers often opt to take a gamble or two by selecting some cheap and or/differential defenders for their Tuesday line-up, before potentially substituting in the more reliable premium assets on a Wednesday.