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Need to know

Following the official media release, we now know that fans will be allowed back in the stadiums for UEFA EURO 2020! To help ticket holders with the key decisions that come next, we have put together some of the most frequently asked questions.

⚽ Will spectators be able to attend UEFA EURO 2020 matches?

Yes! Fans will be able to attend EURO 2020 matches this summer.

  • Currently eight host cities have confirmed stadium capacities, including Amsterdam, Baku, Bucharest, Budapest, Copenhagen, Glasgow, London and Saint Petersburg.

  • The cities of Bilbao, Dublin, Munich and Rome have until 19 April to provide additional information on their plans. Final decisions will be made on that date regarding the staging of matches in those four venues.
UEFA via Getty Images

🏟️ How many fans will be allowed in the stadiums?

  • Saint Petersburg and Baku have confirmed capacities of 50%.
  • Budapest aims to host 100% of the stadium capacity, but with strict stadium entry requirements for spectators.
  • Amsterdam, Bucharest, Copenhagen and Glasgow will be hosting 25%–33% of the stadium capacity.
  • London has confirmed a minimum capacity of 25% for the first three group matches and round of 16 match.

Amsterdam, Bucharest , Copenhagen and Saint Petersburg are keeping open the option until end of April to increase the number of fans allowed in the stadiums. London are also hoping to confirm a higher capacity for the semi-finals and final in early June.

✅ How were the decisions around stadium capacities made?

The decisions were taken by the hosts. The key indicator was the projection of an improved health situation in their host countries. Many factors were taken into consideration, including the local vaccination rollout, their plans for reopening the economy and the expected slow-down of the virus due to warmer temperatures.

In many countries, UEFA EURO 2020 had already been part of their national recovery strategy.

In addition, UEFA has worked closely with the World Health Organisation (WHO) to assess the COVID-19 risks for EURO.

COVID-19 related travel restrictions

✈️ Will I be able to travel to a EURO 2020 host country from abroad?

COVID-19 related travel restrictions are ever-changing, so you may find it very difficult to plan your travel to a host city from abroad.

Please keep in mind the border entry restrictions and enforced requirements at the time of travel. No exemptions will be made for ticket holders. This may include the obligation to quarantine, provide a negative COVID-19 test result, a limit on length of stay, etc. In some cases, entry to a host country from abroad may not be permitted at all.

🎉 Hungary, Azerbaijan and Russia have put special procedures in place:

  • As a ticket holder travelling to Budapest, you won't be required to quarantine. Other restrictions such as two negative COVID-19 test results still apply.
  • International travel to Baku is not permitted for non-residents at all, however ticket holders who are citizens and/or residents of Turkey, Switzerland and the UK plus quarter-finalist countries will be able to obtain a visa. They will be eligible for a quarantine exemption, with proof of a negative COVID-19 test result.
  • Exemptions for Saint Petersburg ticket holders are also being developed.

In addition, if you're going to Bucharest you may be able to benefit from the quarantine exemption if you can present a negative COVID-19 test result and limit your stay to less than three days.

Travel restrictions & entry requirements per country:

Travel information for Bilbao, Dublin and Rome will follow later. Please be aware that no travel exemptions will be made for ticket holders of these cities.


Keep an eye on your inbox, because the ticketing team will send an email update to all existing ticket buyers. If you wish to return your tickets, you can do so now on the UEFA ticketing portal until 22 April. You will receive a full refund.

Should a venue be changed or a stadium not be able to host spectators, special arrangements will be made for those ticket buyers. More details will be communicated in due course.

If you're a fan travelling from abroad, make sure you take the border entry restrictions and requirements into consideration when deciding if you want to keep or return your tickets. There have been three ticket return phases since the postponement and this one will be your last opportunity to return your tickets. If you're unsure whether you can attend UEFA EURO 2020, return your ticket now.

Check euro2020.com/tickets for more details.

Once the ticket return phase closes on 22 April, we'll know if the number of tickets exceeds the number of fans allowed in the stadiums for each match. If this is the case, a fair ballot will be held to determine which tickets need to be cancelled so we can comply with the decisions of the host country governments. If you are unsuccessful in the ballot, you will receive a refund for the face value of your cancelled tickets.

Visit euro2020.com/tickets for more info.

COVID-19 Measures

😷 What health & safety measures will be in place at the stadiums?

Our main priority is to deliver a safe EURO for everyone. Reducing the risk of an infection is our shared responsibility, so we've implemented some new rules.

Each ticket holder will be assigned a dedicated 30-minute entry time slot to arrive at the stadium. You'll also need to wear a face mask at all times. Other measures may include temperature checks or COVID-19 rapid tests, but every stadium will be a little bit different.

Check out the detailed COVID-19 measures for each stadium:

Health & safety measures for Bilbao, Dublin and Rome will be available later.

UEFA Festival

🥳 What happens to all the UEFA Festival activities across the host cities?

Don’t worry, this summer's tournament in 2021 will offer something for everyone. In the next couple of weeks, we will be updating the UEFA Festival pages to inform you about the new format and how you can join the action in the host cities even if you don't have a match ticket.

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