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Let me give you a top tip

Don’t forget to check the requirements for stadium entry before you head to the venue on our COVID-19 guidance page. There may be other documents or items you’ll need in addition to your match ticket.

Welcome to Olimpico in Rome, the venue for four EURO 2020 fixtures.

This EURO will be a little different, so let's work together to get familiar with Olimpico in Rome and make this tournament one that's remembered for the football.

Download map

Let me give you a top tip

Using the Volkswagen EURO 2020 Map on our official app, you can easily locate the nearest Fan Shop, bag deposit area or spectator info points to your current location in the stadium.

All venues for EURO 2020 will operate a strict no smoking policy. This includes the use of tobacco and vaping products across all areas of the stadium.

🎒 Bag policy and bag deposits

You can only enter the stadium if your bag is not bigger than A4 – so it's best if you don't bring a bag at all. If you have additional luggage or large items, please check the map above to find a Bag Deposit area near you where it can be left during the match.

There are four bag deposits at Olimpico in Rome and they are free of charge. Have a look on the map to find the one that suits you the best.

Check out the Stadium Rules for more information.

❗ Remember, other items such as professional cameras, umbrellas or food and drinks won't be allowed. Best read our Matchday checklist to be prepared.

🍟 🥤 Food and drink
  • Food and beverage concessions at Olimpico in Rome will open three hours before kick-off and close an hour after end of match. Drinks include Heineken beer and Coca-Cola, sugar-free soft drinks and bottled water. Remember, you may be asked for identification as alcohol can only be served to those over 18 in Italy.
  • Concessions will offer a range of food, including vegetarian and vegan options.
  • Spectators are asked to observe COVID-19 mitigation measures, which will be in place at each concession outlet. This includes distanced queuing and hand sanitation.
🛍️ Merchandise

EURO 2020 Official merchandise will be available at Olimpico in Rome.

Please see the map above or use the Volkswagen EURO 2020 Map (app only) to locate the nearest Fan Shop to your entrance.

👕 Pick your favourites amongst a wide range of tournament specific t-shirts, scarves, caps, souvenirs, tournament programmes and more.

💳 Fan Shops at Olimpico in Rome accept cash, all major international cards, Alipay and other digital payment systems.

🕑 Opening hours – three hours before kick-off until one hour after the final whistle. Fan Shops will only be open on matchdays.

🎒 If you purchase any EURO 2020 merchandise, it will not affect your bag allowance. It will be placed in an approved clear plastic bag that you can bring into the stadium with you. For those wanting to avoid carrying extra items on matchday, have your favourite items delivered directly to your door by ordering them at the official EURO 2020 Online Store.

❗ If you are a non-ticket holder who would like merchandise, please don't come to the stadium if you don't have a valid match ticket. Stop by the official licensed Fan Shop at the Football Village or order it online from the comfort of your sofa instead.

👋 Volunteers

The Volkswagen Mobility Makers, part of the EURO 2020 volunteer team, will be there to answer any questions. Don't hesitate to approach them if you need help onsite. They speak English and Italian.

You can meet them in and around Olimpico in Rome, at the Spectator Info Points, and throughout the host city (app only).

They'll help with all services and where to go, including lost and found services.

👁️ Security

To make Olimpico in Rome safe for everyone, there are security measures that you may notice when you visit.

We'll all be social distancing, so getting into the stadium may take longer than normal. We're screening everyone before they enter and carrying out bag searches.

Our team of friendly stewards and volunteer staff are all ready to welcome you. They're always on the lookout for anyone who might need help, so don't be surprised if they pop up and say hello.

Security is a team effort.

As well as all of the security measures we have in place, we rely on you to be our extra eyes and ears. When you're on the way to the game and inside the stadium, be aware of your surroundings. Report anything that doesn't seem right straight away to a steward. They'll know what to do and get it checked out. By doing this, you're doing your bit for the team and helping to keep everyone safe.

♿ Accessibility

Getting to the stadium and parking

Please check "Getting to the stadium" for our recommendations on travelling to Olimpico in Rome as a disabled fan.

Accessible seating and tickets

  • There are two different categories of ticket: tickets for wheelchair users and easy access tickets.
  • Easy access tickets are for disabled supporters who do not use a wheelchair but require seating with easy access to accessible amenities.
  • For more information on tickets, visit the Ticket FAQs.

Accessible entry

Our map above shows accessible entrance locations. Please use the entrance indicated on your match ticket.

Getting around

The stadium is fully accessible. There is a possibility to use a lift to access the accessible seating areas upon request. Please don't hesitate to speak to our volunteers onsite if you need help.

Audio Descriptive Commentary

The audio descriptive device distribution service will be available within the stadium's perimeter near each entrance (A, B, C, D). Volunteers in charge of this service will have a lollipop sign to recognise them.


Olimpico in Rome has some accessible toilets. They are all in easy reach from the wheelchair and accessible seating areas. Most of the temporary structures have regular bar counters but all products are very visible for all and staff will be happy assist as necessary.

Let me give you a top tip

CAFE is a UEFA FSR partner and recognised across Europe as leading experts in improving access and inclusion for disabled people to take their rightful place across the game.

If you are a disabled fan, check out CAFE's Disabled Spectators Guides for the tournament! Each guide gives detailed access and travel information to all 11 host cities and venues.

Stadium FAQs

😷 COVID-19

I have a question related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 means attending games are a little different, and your safety is our number one priority. For this, we have a detailed COVID-19 guidance section, which you should read thoroughly so you and others enjoy a safe matchday.

🎒 Packing & forbidden items

What should I pack for my matchday?

There are some obvious items to bring with you on matchday, but to be sure, read our matchday checklist for the best advice on what to bring and, importantly, what not to bring to the stadium.

What you bring must fit in a bag/backpack no larger than A4 size.

Professional cameras, food and drink you should leave at home. For further details on prohibited items, you can also check the Stadium rules.

Can I bring any food, alcohol, or water inside the stadium?

Food and drink of any kind cannot be taken into the stadium.

If you need something for medical reasons, you can apply for an exception by contacting the Customer Service team, who'll guide you on obtaining permission to bring items into the stadium. Keep in mind you need to inform them at least three days ahead of your matchday.

Is there a place to store more oversized items like a baby stroller?

Baby strollers can be stored at the Spectator Info Points for free, but keep in mind there’s limited space. In addition, you can also leave oversized items at one of the bag deposits at Olimpico in Rome.

Can I bring a power bank to charge my phone?

Yes, you can bring a small power bank.

What if I need to bring something that's not permitted for medical reasons?

You can apply for an exception by contacting the Customer Service team, who'll guide you on obtaining permission to bring items into the stadium.

What props am I allowed to bring? (flags, banners, etc.)

Banners and flags can be up to 2.0 x 1.5 metres. The maximum size of flexible flagpoles is 1m in length and 1cm in diameter. Have a look at the stadium rules for more details.

🏟️ Stadium entry & security

What's the best time to get to the stadium? How early before kick-off is recommended?

You should get to the stadium in time for your dedicated 30-minute entry time slot. These slots have been created to follow social distancing guidelines, and we strongly recommend you follow them for a stress-free arrival.

Planning ahead will save you a lot of time at the stadium and help you arrive within your allocated entry time slot. Use our journey planner on the EURO 2020 app to plan your travel according to the entrance shown on your ticket.

Can I leave the stadium once I am inside and re-enter?

No, re-entry is not permitted.

Can I use any entrance to the stadium?

No, please only use the entrance indicated on your match ticket. Also, make sure you don't miss kick-off by arriving on time for your 30-minute entry slot, which is also displayed on your match ticket.

What if I'm late for the match – can I still enter after kick-off?

Yes, gates remain open until the end of the match.

If I find something, where do I report it to?

A Lost & Found service is available at our Spectator Info Points. If you find something that's not yours, you'll receive extra karma points if you take it to one of the info points. If you spot something that doesn’t seem right, please don’t pick it up but report it to the nearest steward instead.

If you've lose something, head to the Spectator Info Points for help.

Can I smoke inside the stadium? What about e-cigarettes?

No. Smoking is not permitted at Olimpico in Rome. This includes the use of e-cigarette products and heat-not-burn tobacco products.

💡 Services and Facilities

Are there any phone charging facilities in the stadium? What if my phone battery dies?

Make sure your phone is fully charged before heading to the stadium to make sure you don't run out of battery. It's also okay to bring a small power bank if you want to be on the safe side.

And don't worry – our team onsite will help you if there's a problem with your mobile tickets. There's also a Ticketing Centre at Viale delle Olimpiadi for troubleshooting.

Are there any toilets in the area around the stadium?

Yes. Toilets, including accessible toilets, are available both outside and inside the stadium. Have a look at the map above for exact locations.

Does the stadium have a roof? Will I be covered if it rains?

The stadium has a partial roof, but the first rows might be impacted by heavy rain. Remember umbrellas are not allowed at EURO 2020 matches, so pack a poncho instead if rain is forecast.

What languages will the information in the stadium be provided in? What languages will staff onsite speak?

All announcements and signage will be in English and Italian. Staff will also speak English and italian as a minimum. Stadium announcements will be made both visually and audibly.

Is there somewhere to store my bike at the stadium?

Yes, there's a dedicated bike parking area in Via Capoprati.

🎟️ Tickets

Is there a designated location for ticket assistance onsite if I have a problem with my match ticket? If yes, where can I find it?

Yes! A ticketing centre will be operating from nine hours before kick-off until one hour after the start of the match. Please see the map above for the exact location.

I have another question concerning my match ticket.

Check out the Ticket FAQs.

🥪 Food and drinks

Can I purchase alcohol in the stadium?

Yes. Olimpico in Rome will sell Heineken. Alcohol will only be sold to spectators aged 18 or older, so you may be asked to present valid ID before being served.

Can I bring my own food?

Food and drink can't be taken inside the stadium. But there will be plenty of options to choose from once you're inside.

If you have to take something for medical reasons, you need to contact the Customer Service team ahead of your matchday (at least three days before the match).

Does the stadium offer gluten-free or vegan/vegetarian options? Are allergens signposted?

Yes, Olimpico in Rome offers vegan and vegetarian options.

Allergens are signposted as clearly as possible, but it's best to ask our staff onsite if in doubt

♿ Stadium accessibility

What if the closest transport hub is a long distance from the stadium? What additional services are in place to help disabled spectators to reach the stadium?

Have a look at the Accessible stadium travel section on our Getting to the stadium page. We outline the distances between the key transport hubs and the stadium.

If you need help, either at the accessible car park or one of the main transport hubs, please reach out to our volunteers onsite. They will be able to assist and escort you to your sector of the stadium.

Are the accessible viewing areas far from the entrance points? Does the stadium have elevators?

The accessible viewing areas are around 500m from the entrance points. Our volunteers will be happy to show you the best way.

There also a lift to make your way to the accessible seating areas, which is available upon request.

Are all entrances fully accessible?

Yes, all entrances at Olimpico in Rome are fully accessible.

Are there accessible toilets in the stadium? Are they a long way from the seating area?

Yes, and they are close to the seating area.

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