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The Score – UEFA EURO 2012 official film

UEFA.com presents The Score, a musical exploration of UEFA EURO 2012 scored by UNKLE, chronicling the tournament through the eyes of both players and fans.

The Score – UEFA EURO 2012 official film
The Score – UEFA EURO 2012 official film ©UEFA.com

UEFA.com presents The Score, a musical exploration of UEFA EURO 2012 scored by UNKLE.

More than simply chronicling UEFA EURO 2012, this film is a unique, immersive experience, a cinematic exploration of the tournament through the eyes of both players and fans.

Different thematic elements are explored in a suite of bespoke musical movements scored by UNKLE, the pioneering musical outfit behind albums including Psyence Fiction and Never, Never, Land and film soundtracks such as Sexy Beast.

A variety of tournament imagery, on the pitch and behind the scenes, inside and outside the stadiums, with players and fans is combined with both the moving score and an intricate, detailed soundscape – bringing a unique and fresh perspective on the tournament.

Fans chanting, players shouting and the impact of boot on ball combine with short emotive sound bites in a cinematic sound mix to provide a sensory football experience. Collectively, the movements combine to create a beautiful symphony of imagery, music and sound.

The film's narrative is interweaved into the following six movements, each with a bespoke score:

Setting the scene and featuring moments and elements from the film's main movements, offering a stirring glimpse of the sights and sounds to come.

Relating to the excitement and anticipation of being part of a major competition. From travelling to the ground and taking your seat to leaving the dressing room and waiting in the tunnel, we hear from a variety of protagonists, both on the inside and the outside, about what goes through their minds as kick-off approaches.

Made up almost exclusively of character portraiture, this movement explores what it means to witness an event of this scale. Capturing the full range of expressions and emotions on the faces in the crowd, we hear from supporters in stadiums and fan zones across both host nations as they describe the extent to which football moves them.

'In The Middle'
Having seen various players preparing for action in the previous movements, here we pick up the narrative, examining their role during a match. Exploring the intensity of what happens on the pitch, players from different nations offer us a compelling insight into their innermost thoughts, emotions and feelings, describing how they think and feel. Heightened by exclusive audio feeds from referees' microphones, we are offered a unique perspective of the on-pitch environment.

'The Final'
Illustrated from a number of different perspectives, the showpiece culmination of the tournament plays out in multi-layered and compelling fashion. Examining key moments, with reactions from on the pitch and in the stands. Players describe how it feels to perform at the highest level, while supporters talk about the emotions associated with witnessing such an occasion.

Our final movement serves as a particularly powerful and moving narrative summary, concluding our sense of a journey. Various protagonists discuss their passion for the game as thematic imagery from the previous movements is combined. Collectively the imagery, music and sound bites beautifully summarise the UEFA EURO 2012 experience.

Director: Jack Weatherley
Music by UNKLE
AD: William Morris
Producer: Phil Williams
Executive Producers: Alexandre Fourtoy / Bernard Ross
Cinematography: Charlie Ponniah / August Jakobsson IKS / Sebastien Moret
Sound Recordist: Rob Entwistle
Editor: Alex Marsh
Colourists: Tom Balkwill @ Dirty Looks / Jacqueline Loran
Sound Engineer: Dugal Macdiarmid @ Wave Studios
Online Edit: Ronnie Newman @ Prime Focus