UEFA President expects 'great moments' in 2020

UEFA President Michel Platini tells UEFA.com how UEFA EURO 2020 is a "great opportunity" for the 12 host associations and looks forward to "a celebration of football" in London.

UEFA President expects 'great moments' in 2020
UEFA President expects 'great moments' in 2020 ©UEFA.com

UEFA.com: President, how would you describe the day for you? It all started with a dream, with an idea, to unify Europe like this …

Michel Platini: Well, as soon as the Congress and the Executive Committee approved hosting the EURO over the whole of Europe, there was a process that was triggered until today. Now we will need to implement the rules concerning the organisation in 2020.

I think it is a great opportunity. People are starting to understand that it is a good thing to give it to countries who would never host a [whole] EURO or would never participate in such an event, to be able to host four games and be part of the big festival of European football. Whether it's in the north, south, east or west, Europe is a big continent with a lot of diversity. It will be great to see how the 'engine' of football works.

UEFA.com: In the end it was London that was chosen to host the final and semi-finals. What do you think this city will bring to the EURO; what does it offer?

Michel Platini: There were a few very festive cities which could host a great festival for the European national associations for a week. Now London in 2020 will be the capital of European football for the last week.

I hope it will be a celebration of football. I wanted to have the semi-finals and final in the same city in order to have something festive and wonderful and so that people spend a great moment, not only football-wise but also to 'enjoy the life'.

UEFA.com: What would you say to football fans around Europe about this tournament?

Michel Platini: That we are bringing the EURO to their doors. Usually they travel to see the EURO; now we are bringing it to their doors, and in almost the whole of Europe.