The EURO penalty shoot-out masters

There have been 18 EURO finals shoot-outs so far; which teams have kept their cool from 11 metres out?

Andrea Pirlo does a Panenka against England at UEFA EURO 2012
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There have been 18 shoot-outs at UEFA European Championships, Antonín Panenka's audacious chip having won the first one in 1976. tots up the figures.

Which teams have featured in a EURO penalty shoot-out?

TeamEURO shoot-outsWonLostWin percentage
Czech Republic330100%

When it comes to EURO penalty shoot-outs, the Czech Republic (and Czechoslovakia) are kings; they have won all three of their shoot-outs, converting all 20 of their spot-kicks, and thus boast a 100% record that not team who have taken part in more than one shoot-out can match.

The most famous of those shoot-outs was the very first one, Antonín Panenka's conversion in the 1976 decider against West Germany confirming Czechoslovakia's success in Belgrade. The midfielder famously wrong-footed goalkeeper Sepp Maier after shaping to send his effort low into the bottom right hand corner, instead chipping the ball straight down the middle to score the world's very first 'Panenka'.

In terms of bad shoot-out karma, England and the Netherlands seem to have the strongest case for having been cursed, both nations having lost three of their four attempts. Italy have been nearly as unfortunate; they have featured in five EURO shoot-outs – more than any other team – and lost three of them.

For the moment, Germany and Spain may be the sides to avoid in a shoot-out: both have won their last two (and Germany have not lost one since reunification).

EURO shoot-outs

1976 final: Czechoslovakia 2-2 West Germany, Czechs won 5-3 on pens
1980 third-place play-off: Czechoslovakia 1-1 Italy, Czechs won 9-8 on pens
1984 semi-finals: Denmark 1-1 Spain, Spain won 5-4 on pens
1992 semi-finals: Netherlands 2-2 Denmark, Denmark won 5-4 on pens
1996 quarter-finals: Spain 0-0 England, England won 4-2 on pens
1996 quarter-finals: France 0-0 Netherlands, France won 5-4 on pens
1996 semi-finals: Germany 1-1 England, Germany won 6-5 on pens
1996 semi-finals: France 0-0 Czech Republic, Czechs won 6-5 on pens
2000 semi-finals: Italy 0-0 Netherlands, Italy won 3-1 on pens
2004 quarter-finals: Portugal 2-2 England, Portugal won 6-5 on pens
2004 quarter-finals: Sweden 0-0 Netherlands, Netherlands won 5-4 on pens
2008 quarter-finals: Croatia 1-1 Turkey, Turkey won 3-1 on pens
2008 quarter-finals: Spain 0-0 Italy, Spain won 4-2 on pens
2012 quarter-finals: England 0-0 Italy, Italy won 4-2 on pens
2012 semi-finals: Portugal 0-0 Spain, Spain won 4-2 on pens
2016 round of 16: Switzerland 1-1 Poland, Poland won 5-4 on pens
2016 quarter finals: Poland 1-1 Portugal, Portugal won 5-3 on pens
2016 quarter-finals: Germany 1-1 Italy, Germany won 6-5 on pens