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Five reasons to watch the eEURO finals

Are you watching the eEURO 2020 finals this weekend? Maybe this will convince you.

The final stages of the biggest ever national team efootball competition will be staged virtually this weekend, with the action kicking off at 13:45 CEST on Saturday, 10:45 CEST on Sunday. You can watch it right here ... and below are five reasons why you should:

1. It's live sport!

Over the last couple of months the replays of epic spectacles from seasons past have been great; not least our own Classics. But let's face it: there's nothing quite like authentic live sport, the thrill of the unknown. How else do you explain the fact that many of us have devoted time recently to watching people juggle toilet roll? The eEURO finals will provide up to 18 hours of live action over two days, and no toilet rolls will be harmed in their making.


eEURO 2020: Who will be crowned champions?
eEURO 2020: Who will be crowned champions?

2. Get behind your team

UEFA EURO 2020 may have been postponed by 12 months, but efootballers need your support too. Didn't qualify? Then how about honorary citizenship for the weekend? There's Luxembourg (population 600,000) for starters. Or how about wearing your club colours? Players involved in the finals play for clubs including Manchester United, Bayern, Galatasaray, Monaco, Schalke, Nantes, Celtic, Verona, Genoa, Empoli, OFK Beograd and Göztepe.

3. Hone your skills

What better way to master your craft than by watching the experts? These eEURO players are the best of the best, either selected for this event via a tournament especially run by their national association or already part of their country's efootball team. Who better to learn from? Pick up tips and skills to try for yourself!

eEURO 2020: Qualifying highlights
eEURO 2020: Qualifying highlights

4. It's for everyone

The players representing the finalists include both fans and professional efootballers for Bayern, workers from the automotive industry, a systems engineer, an archaeologist, a top futsal goalkeeper and a Croatian footballer capped at international level. Jussi Aalto of eliminated Finland has arthrogryposis multiplex congenita, a condition which affects the movement of his joints, and requires a wheelchair. "For obvious reasons, I can’t take part in traditional sports," he says. "I have found an excellent substitute." Maybe you can too.


5. Try something different

Already completed Fortnite? Exhausted your baking repertoire? Done all the DIY or schoolwork you can handle? Then why not take this opportunity to settle down to watch something completely different – enjoy the skill, admire the mastery and soak up the spectacle. You might just be surprised!