EURO on this day: 18 June

On this day: West Germany marched to their first title in 1972 with the first stirrings of 'Total Football'.

West Germany's triumph in 1972 and Alan Shearer's strike in England's memorable EURO 96' win against the Netherlands are among the moments recalled.

West Germany 3-0 Soviet Union
(Müller 27 58, Wimmer 52)
1972 final, Brussels

The Soviet Union must have feared the worst. Gerd Müller had scored all the goals in a 4-1 win against them the previous month, and now three-quarters of the crowd were German.

That is also how the pitch must have looked to the Soviet team: at one stage their opponents strung 30 consecutive passes together. It was the match of the tournament because it was so one-sided, the destruction of an outdated packed defence by the first stirrings of 'Total Football'. Absolute masterclass.

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Other EURO fixtures on 18 June
1980 group stage: Spain 1-2 England
1980 group stage: Italy 0-0 Belgium
1988 group stage: England 1-3 USSR
1988 group stage: Republic of Ireland 0-1 Netherlands
1992 group stage: Netherlands 3-1 Germany
1992 group stage: Scotland 3-0 CIS
1996 group stage: Scotland 1-0 Switzerland
1996 group stage: Netherlands 1-4 England
1996 group stage: France 3-1 Bulgaria
1996 group stage: Romania 1-2 Spain
2000 group stage: Slovenia 1-2 Spain
2000 group stage: Norway 0-1 Yugoslavia
2004 group stage: Bulgaria 0-2 Denmark
2004 group stage: Italy 1-1 Sweden
2008 group stage: Greece 1-2 Spain
2008 group stage: Russia 2-0 Sweden
2012 group stage: Croatia 0-1 Spain
2012 group stage: Italy 2-0 Republic of Ireland
2016 group stage: Belgium 3-0 Republic of Ireland
2016 group stage: Iceland 1-1 Hungary
2016 group stage: Portugal 0-0 Austria