Faroe Islands acclaim second Greece win

"Our nation has once more made headlines abroad," said Faroese Prime Minister Kaj Leo Johannesen as a civic reception marked Saturday's extraordinary 2-1 win against Greece.

'I have never experienced such euphoria and joy as after yesterday’s final whistle'
'I have never experienced such euphoria and joy as after yesterday’s final whistle' ©AFP

A civic reception was held in Torshavn on Sunday to celebrate the Faroe Islands' 2-1 UEFA EURO 2016 qualifying success against Greece. Prime Minister Kai Leo Johannesen was among the speakers – a man who knows about footballing success; he was reserve goalkeeper in the Faroes side that received a civic reception after beating Austria in 1990. In the euphoria after Friday's win, tickets for the Faroes' next Group F home game – against Northern Ireland on 4 September – sold out inside 16 hours. Here is what the various dignitaries had to say.

Kaj Leo Johannesen, Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands
It was a total experience on a world-class level. Your result from yesterday once more attracts attention. Our nation has once more made headlines abroad.

Lars Olsen, Faroe Islands coach
As I told the players yesterday, I am lost for words to describe the mood after the match. I have been involved with football for nearly 50 years, and I have never experienced such euphoria and joy as after yesterday's final whistle. [Was it better than when his Denmark side won the 1992 UEFA European Championship?] Almost.

Fródi Benjaminsen, Faroe Islands captain
It's wonderful to see how many people have turned out today. It just shows how much support the national team has now. We are very grateful for that and we hope it will continue.

Christian Andreasen, Football Association Football Association (FSF) president
The FSF wants to thank the national team for an exceptional performance. It is absolutely fantastic to be able to beat Greece for a second time and once more make our mark on the world map. Yesterday's achievement is the result of a long process, first and foremost out in the clubs who have focused on youth work, and we have been seeing the results coming. Our Under-21 team has done well, and it is those young players that are now making their mark on to the senior team. We have a young national team with a great future and we have many good players coming through the ranks, so Faroese football has a bright future.

Hedin Mortensen, Mayor of Torshavn
David beat Goliath. Once more, the national football team has given us one of these great experiences that are almost unimaginable. Your achievement has once more been something out of this world which common reason cannot comprehend. This is, in fact, absolutely incredible. But at the same time not impossible. Your achievement has once more put the Faroe Islands on the world map, where it twinkles and shouts, because everyone can see it.