EURO time tunnel: 1960 in focus will be looking back at a different EURO every week between now and this summer's tournament in France, picking out the best goals, images, stories and characters.'s EURO time tunnel will look at a different tournament each week's EURO time tunnel will look at a different tournament each week ©

In the build-up to UEFA EURO 2016, will be trawling through the annals to pick out the best stories, characters, goals and highlights from the 14 previous final tournaments.

Each week will be devoted to a different tournament, starting 56 years ago when Henri Delaunay's dream was realised in France. We will follow a broadly similar pattern each week, opening up with the team of the tournament on a Monday. On Tuesdays we will look at a particularly iconic image and ponder where the protagonists are now, while Wednesdays will be your chance to watch the best goals from that year's tournament.

Every Thursday we will hear from our 'EURO history makers', with Friday dedicated to a different record or milestone each week. The weekend will begin with a study of one of the quirkier characters or tales – our EURO cult heroes – and the week will come to a close with video highlights of that year's final.

In addition to all that, there will be a raft of further individual match highlights and, starting at the end of April, a weekly poll on Twitter asking you to choose which game you want to watch again.

The Soviet Union won the inaugural edition
The Soviet Union won the inaugural edition©

What to watch out for this week

  • Our pick of the best three goals scored at the tournament
  • The story of Viktor Ponedelnik, whose surname was "a dream for headline writers"
  • Individual match highlights from both semi-finals and the final
  • Highlights of the best goals scored in the 14 previous tournament finals

EURO time tunnel schedule
EURO 1960: 22 to 28 February
EURO 1964: 29 February to 6 March
EURO 1968: 7 to 13 March
EURO 1972: 14 to 20 March
EURO 1976: 21 to 27 March
EURO 1980: 28 March to 3 April
EURO 1984: 4 to 10 April
EURO 1988: 11 to 17 April
EURO 1992: 18 to 24 April
EURO 1996: 25 April to 1 May
EURO 2000: 2 to 8 May
EURO 2004: 9 to 15 May
EURO 2008: 16 to 22 May
EURO 2012: 23 to 29 May