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All the EURO 2016 finalists' friendlies

The 24 UEFA EURO 2016 finalists have all completed their friendly programmes: here is every result for each nation since clinching qualification.

Daniele De Rossi celebrates after scoring Italy's second against Finland
Daniele De Rossi celebrates after scoring Italy's second against Finland ©Getty Images
Germany's EURO highlights
Germany's EURO highlights

3 June v Ukraine (n) L1-3
29 May v Qatar (n) W3-1
29 March v Luxembourg (a) W2-0
26 March v Austria (a) L1-2
16 November v Georgia (h) D2-2

4 June v Netherlands (h) L0-2
31 May v Malta (h) W2-1
29 March v Turkey (h) L1-2
26 March v Albania (h) W2-1
17 November v Switzerland (h) L1-2

5 June v Norway (h) W3-2
1 June v Finland (h) D1-1
28 May v Switzerland (a) W2-1
29 March v Portugal (a) L1-2
17 November v Spain (h) P-P (security reasons)
13 November v Italy (h) W3-1

Watch Hungary qualify
Watch Hungary qualify

4 June v San Marino (h) W10-0
27 May v Moldova (h) W1-0
26 March v Hungary (a) D1-1
23 March v Israel (h) W2-0
17 November v Russia (a) W3-1

Czech Republic
5 June v South Korea (h) L1-2
1 June v Russia (n) W2-1
27 May v Malta (n) W6-0
29 March v Sweden (a) D1-1
24 March v Scotland (h) L0-1
17 November v Poland (a) L1-3
13 November v Serbia (h) W4-1

Iceland beat the Czech Republic
Iceland beat the Czech Republic

2 June v Portugal (h) W1-0
27 May v Australia (h) W2-1
22 May v Turkey (h) W2-1
29 March v Netherlands (h) L1-2
26 March v Germany (a) W3-2
17 November v France (h) W2-0
13 November v Spain (a) L0-2

4 June v Scotland (h) W3-0
30 May v Cameroon (h) W3-2
29 March v Russia (h) W4-1
25 March v Netherlands (a) W3-2
17 November v England (a) L0-2
13 November v Germany (h) W2-0

Italy's qualifying top goals
Italy's qualifying top goals

4 June v Hungary (h) W2-0
29 May v Slovakia (h) L1-3
29 March v Italy (h) W4-1
26 March v England (h) L2-3
17 November v Netherlands (h) P-P (security reasons)
13 November v France (a) L0-2

4 June v Germany (a) L0-2
20 May v Ivory Coast D0-0
26 March v Croatia (a) D1-1

Northern Ireland's historic run
Northern Ireland's historic run

6 June v Liechtenstein (h) W4-0
1 June v Norway (a) L2-3
29 March v Greece (a) W3-2
24 March v Denmark (a) L1-2
31 January v United States (a) L2-3
16 January v United Arab Emirates (a) L1-2
13 January v Finland (n) W1-0
17 November v Slovakia (a) L1-3
13 November v Poland (a) L2-4

6 June v Finland (h) W2-0
29 May v Scotland (n) 1-0
29 March v Germany (a) L1-4
24 March v Spain (h) D1-1
17 November v Romania (h) D2-2
13 November v Belgium (a) L1-3

Poland hit eight
Poland hit eight

Northern Ireland
4 June v Slovakia (a) D0-0
27 May v Belarus (h) W3-0
28 March v Slovenia (h) W1-0
24 March v Wales (a) D1-1
13 November v Latvia (h) W1-0

6 June v Lithuania (h) D0-0
1 June v Netherlands (h) L1-2
26 March v Finland (h) W5-0
23 March v Serbia (h) W1-0
17 November v Czech Republic (h) W3-1
13 November v Iceland (h) W4-2

Portugal defeat Denmark
Portugal defeat Denmark

8 June v Estonia (h) W7-0
2 June v England (a) L0-1
29 May v Norway (h) W3-0
29 March v Belgium (h) W2-1
25 March v Bulgaria (h) L0-1
17 November v Luxembourg (a) W2-0
14 November v Russia (a) L0-1

Republic of Ireland
31 May v Belarus (h) L1-2
27 May v Netherlands (h) D1-1
29 March v Slovakia (h) D2-2
25 March v Switzerland (h) W1-0

3 June v Georgia (h) W5-1
29 May v Ukraine (n) L3-4
25 May v DR Congo (n) D1-1
27 March v Spain (h) D0-0
23 March v Lithuania (h) W1-0
17 November v Italy (a) D2-2

Ireland's play-off joy
Ireland's play-off joy

5 June v Serbia (n) D1-1
1 June v Czech Republic (n) L2-1
29 March v France (a) L1-4
26 March v Lithuania (h) W3-0
17 November v Croatia (h) L1-3
14 November v Portugal (h) W1-0

4 June v Northern Ireland (h) D0-0
29 May v Germany (a) W3-1
27 May v Georgia (n) W3-1
29 March v Republic of Ireland (a) D2-2
25 March v Latvia (h) D0-0
17 November v Iceland (h) W3-1
13 November v Switzerland (h) W3-2

Romania's qualifying best
Romania's qualifying best

7 June v Georgia (h) L0-1
1 June v South Korea (n) W6-1
29 May v Bosnia and Herzegovina (n) W3-1 
27 March v Romania (a) D0-0
24 March v Italy (a) D1-1
17 November v Belgium (a) P-P (security reasons)
13 November v England (h) W2-0

5 June v Wales (h) W3-0
30 May v Slovenia (h) D0-0
29 March v Czech Republic (h) D1-1
24 March v Turkey (a) L1-2
10 January v Finland (n) W3-0
6 January v Estonia (n) D1-1

Slovakia stun Spain
Slovakia stun Spain

3 June v Moldova (h) W2-1
28 May v Belgium (h) L1-2
29 March v Bosnia and Herzegovina (h) L0-2
25 March v Republic of Ireland (a) L0-1
17 November v Austria (a) W2-1
13 November v Slovakia (a) L2-3

5 June v Slovenia (a) W1-0
29 May v Montenegro (h) W1-0
22 May v England (a) L1-2
29 March v Austria (a) W2-1
24 March v Sweden (h) W2-1
17 November v Greece (h) D0-0
13 November v Qatar (a) W2-1

How Spain won UEFA EURO 2012
How Spain won UEFA EURO 2012

3 June v Albania (n) W3-1
29 May v Romania (n) W4-3
28 March v Wales (h) W1-0
24 March v Cyprus (h) W1-0

5 June v Sweden (a) L0-3
28 March v Ukraine (a) L0-1
24 March v Northern Ireland (h) D1-1
13 November v Netherlands (h) L2-3