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EURO's top sprinters and distance runners

Who have been the fastest runners at UEFA EURO 2016 so far, and who have been the main distance men? EURO2016.com clocks the top performers.

Kingsley Coman: UEFA EURO 2016's answer to Usain Bolt
Kingsley Coman: UEFA EURO 2016's answer to Usain Bolt ©Getty Images

The continent's top players are incredible athletes as well as stupendously skilful footballers. There is quick, and then there is lightning-quick. There is endurance, and then there is stunning stamina.

The fastest individual sprints clocked in UEFA EURO 2016 games (km/h)*
32.8: Kingsley Coman (France v Switzerland, 19/06/2016)
31.6: Richárd Guzmics (Hungary v Austria, 14/06/2016)
31.5: Kolbeinn Sigthórsson (Iceland v Portugal, 14/06/2016)
31.4: Birkir Sævarsson (Iceland v Portugal, 14/06/2016)
31.4: Xherdan Shaqiri (Switzerland v France, 19/06/2016)
31.2: Jonny Evans (Northern Ireland v Poland, 12/06/2016)
31.2: Dragoş Grigore (Romania v Albania,19/06/2016)
31.1: Ragnar Sigurdsson (Iceland v Portugal, 14/06/2016)
31.0: Nani (Portugal v Iceland, 14/06/2016)
30.9: Georgi Schennikov (Russia v Slovakia, 15/06/2016)

*clocked as the fastest two-metre stretch of an individual sprint

For comparison (km/h)
389.0: Fastest recorded diving speed of a peregrine falcon; the fastest member of the animal kingdom
120.7: Fastest recorded sprint speed of a cheetah, the fastest land mammal
41.0: Usain Bolt's speed when he was clocked for the fastest running-start 100m sprint of all time in Manchester in 2009
34.0: Donald Lippincott's speed when he set the first IAAF-recognised 100m sprint record (10.6 seconds) in July 1912
0.12: The top speed of a sloth.

©Getty Images

The longest distances run by players in a single UEFA EURO 2016 match (m)
12,570: Marco Parolo (Italy v Belgium, 13/06/2016)
12,563: Vladimír Darida (Czech Republic v Croatia, 17/06/2016)
12,374: Emanuele Giaccherini (Italy v Belgium, 13/06/2016)
12,341: Vladimír Darida (Czech Republic v Spain, 13/06/2016)
12,290: Peter Pekarík (Slovakia v Wales, 11/06/2016)
12,268: Ádám Nagy (Hungary v Austria, 14/06/2016)
12,150: Taras Stepanenko (Ukraine v Germany, 12/06/2016)
12,143: Amir Abrashi (Albania v Switzerland, 11/06/2016)
12,081: Adam Lallana (England v Russia, 11/06/2016)
12,081: Marcelo Brozović (Croatia v Czech Republic, 17/06/2016)

For comparison (m)
Parolo's mammoth shift for Italy corresponds to spending the entire 90 minutes running at a steady speed of 8.38km/h
22.82: Kenenisa Bekele's average speed when he set the world 10,000m record in Brussels in 2005
20.09: Pekka Päivärinta's average speed over 11,980km when he won the first IAAF cross country championship in 1973
18.68: Paula Radcliffe's average km/h speed when she set the women's record time for the London Marathon in 2003
10.35: Average speed of a runner completing the 42.16km London Marathon in the median average time of 4hrs 4mins 23secs