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EURO karaoke: how to sing along with the fans

A EURO is a fantastic melting pot of cultures and languages, but understanding what fans of every nation are singing is not easy; our correspondents provide the translations and explanations.

Northern Ireland fans - key song: 'Will Grigg's on fire'
Northern Ireland fans - key song: 'Will Grigg's on fire' ©Getty Images

Shqipëri ti më jep nder
më jep emrin Shqipëtar
nuk ka fe as ka kufi
që përçan këtë Shqiptari

Translation: Albania, you give me pride, you give me the name Albanian, there is no religion nor boundary that splits apart this Albania.

Duam fitore

Translation: We want to win.

Kuq e zi

Translation: Red and black.

Immer wieder, immer wieder, immer wieder Österreich

Translation: Every time, every time, every time Austria

©AFP/Getty Images

Tous ensemble, tous ensemble, hey hey hey

Translation: All together, all together, hey hey hey. French is the preferred language for Belgian songs. Club specialities also play a part – the White Stripes' Seven Nation Army is a Club Brugge favourite, while Anderlecht fans bring Bob Marley's Three Little Birds ("Don't worry about a thing, 'cause every little thing's gonna be alright").

Večeras je naša fešta, večeras se vino pije, 
Nek se igra, nek se piva, jer ko ne piva Dalmatinac nije

An old folk song from the Dalmatia region; for national-team purposes, the last word is often changed. Translation: Tonight is our party, tonight wine is drunk, let there be playing, let there be singing, because anyone who does not sing is not Dalmatian (or in some variants, Croatian).

Oj, hrvatska mati, nemoj tugovati, zovi, samo zovi,
Svi će sokolovi, za te život dati

Famous patriotic song. Translation: Oh Croatia our mother, do not grieve; call, just call, all the falcons will give their life for you.

Czech Republic
Kdo neskáče, není Čech

Translation: Whoever's not jumping, is not Czech.

Vysoký jalovec, vysoký jako já, přeskoč ho má milá, rovnýma nohama
Já ho nepřeskočím, já se ráda točím, na tebe šohajku zapomenout musím

Translation: High juniper, high as I am, jump over it my love with your legs stretched, I am not going to jump over it, I like dancing, and I have to forget about you my dear boy.