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Who tops the all-time EURO rankings?

Italy, England and Denmark are among the teams to have climbed the table of top-performing sides in UEFA European Championship history during EURO 2020, but first place remains unassailable.

Germany celebrate their triumph at EURO '96
Germany celebrate their triumph at EURO '96 Popperfoto via Getty Images

Which teams have won the most EUROs, played the most finals games, and scored and conceded the most goals at the UEFA European Championship?

EURO2020.com ranks the 35 finals contenders to date; no prizes for guessing who comes out on top.

Note: According to UEFA standard procedure in calculating the club/association coefficient rankings, two points are awarded for a win and one point for a draw.

PositionTeamParticipationsTitlesPlayedWonDrawnLostForAgainstGoal diff.Points
2 πŸ”Ί2Italy10245211865231+2160
3 πŸ”»1Spain113462115106842+2657
4 πŸ”»1France102432112106950+1954
5 πŸ”Ί1Netherlands10139208116541+2448
6 πŸ”»1Portugal81391910105638+1848
7 πŸ”Ί1England100371513105137+1443
8 πŸ”»1Czech Republic*10137157154847-137
10 πŸ”Ί1Denmark9133106174250-826
11 πŸ”Ί2Belgium602211293128+324
12 πŸ”»2Croatia60229673028+224
13 πŸ”»1Sweden702477103028+221
14 πŸ”Ί1Slovakia*51155461723-614
15 πŸ”Ί3Switzerland50183871624-814
16 πŸ”»2Greece41165381420-613
17 πŸ”Ί2Wales20105141312+111
18 πŸ”»2Poland40142751115-411
19 πŸ”»2Turkey501842121430-1610
20 πŸ”Ί3Hungary40112451420-68
21 πŸ”»1Serbia*50143292239-178
22 πŸ”»1Romania501615101021-117
23 πŸ”»1Iceland10522189-16
24 πŸ”Ί7Austria3010226712-56
26 πŸ”Ί6Ukraine3011308819-116
27 πŸ”»3Republic of Ireland3010226617-116
28 πŸ”»2Norway1031111103
29 πŸ”»2Bulgaria206114413-93
30 πŸ”»2Slovenia10302145-12
31 πŸ”»2Northern Ireland10410323-12
32= πŸ”»2Albania10310213-22
32= πŸ†•Finland10310213-22
34 πŸ”»1Latvia10301215-41
35 πŸ†•North Macedonia10300328-60

*All Soviet Union matches are awarded to Russia; all West Germany – but not East Germany – matches are awarded to Germany; all Yugoslavia and Serbia & Montenegro matches are awarded to Serbia; all Czechoslovakia matches are allocated to both Czech Republic and Slovakia (see breakdown below).

NationParticipationsTitlesPlayedWonDrawnLostForAgainstGoal DifferencePoints
Czech Republic7029124133637-128