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UEFA eEURO 2021: All you need to know

Get the lowdown on the second edition of the world's biggest national team efootball competition: UEFA eEURO 2021.

Ukraine knocked holders Italy out in the group stage
Ukraine knocked holders Italy out in the group stage UEFA

What was UEFA eEURO 2021?

UEFA eEURO 2021 was the second edition of a national-team efootball competition featuring all 55 UEFA national associations. The competition involved a qualification phase and a final tournament. Gamers competed exclusively on KONAMI's eFootball PES 2021 Season Update on Playstation 4.

The inaugural edition, UEFA eEURO 2020, was won by Italy. The team the Azzurri beat in the final, Serbia, went one better in 2021 as they overcame Poland to take the title.

Finals: All you need to know

Where could I watch eEURO 2021?

Matches were shown live here and on UEFA's official YouTube channel.

You can watch selected previous matches here:
Matchday 1
Matchday 2
Matchday 3
Matchday 4
Matchday 5 (play-offs)
Matchday 6 (play-offs)

Matchday 7 (finals group stage)
Matchday 8 (finals group stage)
Matchday 9 (finals knockout stage)

Fixtures and results

How did the finals work?

The tournament ran online from 8 to 10 July to decide the UEFA eEURO 2021 champions. The 16 finalist teams were drawn into four groups of four, with the top two from each progressing to the knockout stage. Every match until the final was a best-of-three series, with the final itself played as a best of five.

eEURO 2021: How it works

How did qualifying work?

The group stage draw took place in February, with the competing countries divided into ten groups of five or six.

Every country played two matches each (1-vs-1) against the other nations in their group; points from both matches were added to the group table. The ten group winners qualified directly for the final tournament.

The ten runners-up took part in a play-off tournament to determine the other six finalists. The contenders were split into two groups of five, with the top three advancing from each.

eEURO play-offs: all the details

Who competed for each country?

The focus of the tournament is the team element – the essence of football. Each participating national association competed with a national efootball team of between two and four gamers.

Between November 2020 and February 2021, associations selected their national team through a tournament unless a national efootball team already existed. The team then contested the online qualifying phase.

What prize money was on offer?

A total of €100,000 in cash prizes was split between all the finalists, including €40,000 for the winners.

When did it all take place?

November 2020–February 2021: National associations select players
February 2021: Qualifying group stage draw
15 & 29 March/12 & 26 April 2021: Qualifying group stage
29 April 2021: Play-off tournament draw
10 & 17 May 2021: Play-off tournament
25 May 2021: UEFA eEURO 2021 group stage draw
8–10 July 2021: UEFA eEURO 2021 finals