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EURO 2020 Tournament Predictor rules

How to play

Introducing EURO 2020 Tournament Predictor, the bracket prediction game for EURO.

Predict how the tournament will unfold, take on your friends.

And if you want another go at predicting the knockout stages only, you'll get a second chance with Knockout Predictor!

How does it work?

Start by predicting where each team in each of the six EURO 2020 groups will finish.

At EURO 2020, the four best third-placed teams will go through to the knockout stage, so you'll need to choose which third-placed teams you think will finish with the most points and best goal difference.

That will give you the qualifiers for the round of 16, as well as each tie.

From there, predict the winner of each match all the way to the final – and crown your overall EURO 2020 winners!

You can download your predictions as a shareable image to challenge your friends. You can also share a link with your predictions, where your points will automatically update as real-life results come in.

Bear in mind that to save and track your predictions – and play against your friends – you’ll need to log in or sign up.

How can I score points in Tournament Predictor?

EURO 2020 Tournament Predictor is all about picking the team that goes through to the next round.

For the group stage, you have to predict the final standings for each group. For each team that finishes in the position you predicted, you’ll get 3 points.

As part of your group stage predictions, you have to predict the four third-placed teams that will go through to the round of 16. You’ll get 3 points for each one you get right.

For each match in the knockout stage, you have to predict which team will go through to the next round, starting with the round of 16. You’ll get 3 points every time you correctly predict the team that goes through, regardless of their opponent.

There are also bonus points up for grabs. For every team you predict to make the semi-finals and final that gets there in real life, you’ll get 1 point.

Do I have to pay to play?

No. Tournament Predictor and Knockout Predictor are completely free of charge. However, if you want to save and track your score, you’ll need to log in or sign up.

What happens if I miss the first matchday?

If you start playing once the tournament kicks off, you can still save your predictions – you just won’t be able to score any points.

However, while the group stage is in progress you’ll still be able to score points if you play the Knockout Predictor game, which covers the knockout stage only.

What happens if I want to start over?

Before EURO 2020 kicks off, you can edit your predictions as many times as you like. However, once the tournament starts, you can still change your predictions, but you'll lose all your points – and you won't score any points for your new predictions either.

However, if you aren't happy with your Tournament Predictor predictions, or if you just want a second go at the knockout stage, you can play Knockout Predictor. This mini-game covers only the knockout stages, from the round of 16 to the final.

Points work in the same way, except there are no bonus points on offer for predicting the right semi-finalists or finalists.

For Knockout Predictor, until the first knockout game kicks off, you can edit your predictions as much as you like. After that, if you edit your predictions, you’ll lose all your points.

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