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Stay safe and enjoy the game!

Some of the biggest stars involved in the UEFA EURO 2020 final are joining us in reminding supporters to stay safe when enjoying the action.

Stay safe and enjoy the game!

Millions of people all over the globe will come together to watch Sunday's final, and we want to take the opportunity to remind everybody to enjoy the action in a safe and responsible manner.

Stars including Harry Kane (England) and Ciro Immobile (Italy) are helping us deliver the message to supporters wherever you are watching the matches.

UEFA has already taken several important steps to keep supporters safe at stadiums but is eager to extend this message to those watching at home or in public spaces.

What health and safety measures are in place to minimise the risk of infection at the stadiums?

UEFA's main priority is to deliver a safe EURO for everyone. Reducing the risk of infection is our shared responsibility, so we've implemented some new rules.

EURO 2020 stadium arrival guide

• Specified entry time slots for every ticket holder: fans have a 30-minute window to arrive at the stadium to ensure adherence to social distancing guidelines.

• Hygiene: an average of 800 hand sanitiser units are placed at strategic points around each stadium. All EURO stadiums are cleaned on a regular basis throughout match days.

• Queuing: clear floor markings help fans maintain movement without compromising social distance regulations.

• Public awareness: safety measures are promoted heavily throughout each stadium so everyone is aware of the rules.

• Cashless transactions: every venue accepts card payments, with many using contactless readers.

• What else? Other measures include temperature checks, rapid COVID-19 tests or wearing a face mask, but every stadium is a little bit different and supporters should check in advance of arrival.

Detailed information has been sent via email to all ticket holders confirming stadium entry requirements, including a supporter code of conduct, mask policies, mitigation measures and COVID-19-related requirements.

Where required, additional spectators have also received additional emails about travel restrictions, quarantine and/or testing requirements when entering a host country.

Staying safe at the venues

What is the stadium capacity for the final?

Wembley Stadium hosted 21,500 fans for the first round of 16 match (Italy vs Austria). The capacity increased to 50% for the second round of 16 match (England vs Germany), and is 75% for the semi-finals and final.

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What should fans watching on TV do to ensure they're playing by the rules?

Reducing the risk of infection is a shared responsibility for all of us. We want you to enjoy the action wherever you are watching, but only in a safe and responsible manner.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has clear advice on how to protect yourself and others. Stay safe by taking simple precautions such as:

• Physical distancing

• Wear a mask

• Where possible, avoid spaces that are closed, crowded or involve close contact

• Keep rooms well ventilated

• Clean your hands

• Cough into a bent elbow or tissue

WHO's COVID-19 advice