The home team is listed first.Last updated: 26/06/2019 04:31 CET
Emina Mostar WomenEmina Mostar Women0-5SarajevoSarajevo
Gradina WomenGradina Women0-5SarajevoSarajevo
ŽFK Lokomotiva BrčkoŽFK Lokomotiva Brčko1-3SarajevoSarajevo
Banja LukaBanja Luka0-11SarajevoSarajevo
SarajevoSarajevo6-0Emina Mostar WomenEmina Mostar Women
SarajevoSarajevo18-0Gradina WomenGradina Women
SarajevoSarajevo13:00NK Iskra BugojnoNK Iskra Bugojno
NK Iskra BugojnoNK Iskra Bugojno0-3SarajevoSarajevo
SarajevoSarajevo2-0ŽFK Lokomotiva BrčkoŽFK Lokomotiva Brčko
SarajevoSarajevo13-0Banja LukaBanja Luka
SarajevoSarajevo5-0ŽFK Lokomotiva BrčkoŽFK Lokomotiva Brčko
SarajevoSarajevo5-0NK Iskra BugojnoNK Iskra Bugojno
Emina Mostar WomenEmina Mostar Women1-2SarajevoSarajevo
ŽFK Lokomotiva BrčkoŽFK Lokomotiva Brčko0-2SarajevoSarajevo
NK Iskra BugojnoNK Iskra Bugojno0-2SarajevoSarajevo
SarajevoSarajevo6-0Emina Mostar WomenEmina Mostar Women

Club record in UEFA competitions

  • Biggest win:
    11/08/2014, Sarajevo 7-0 ZFK Kocani, Sarajevo
  • Biggest defeat:
    14/08/2007, Sarajevo 0-7 Lyon, Strumica
  • Appearances in UEFA Women's Champions League:  17
  • Player with most UEFA appearances: 47
    Amira Spahić (  BIH)
  • Top scorers in UEFA club competitions: 12
    Amela Fetahović (  BIH)