The home team is listed first.Last updated: 16/06/2019 10:34 CET
Slavia PrahaSlavia Praha11:00SlováckoSlovácko
Slavia PrahaSlavia Praha7-2AtaşehirAtaşehir
Slavia PrahaSlavia Praha4-0KFF MitrovicaKFF Mitrovica
MTK HungáriaMTK Hungária1-4Slavia PrahaSlavia Praha
Slavia PrahaSlavia Praha11-0Dukla PrahaDukla Praha
Slavia PrahaSlavia Praha11-0Hradec KrálovéHradec Králové
SlováckoSlovácko0-10Slavia PrahaSlavia Praha
GintraGintra0-3Slavia PrahaSlavia Praha
Slavia PrahaSlavia Praha2-3Sparta PrahaSparta Praha
Horní HeršpiceHorní Heršpice1-7Slavia PrahaSlavia Praha
Slavia PrahaSlavia Praha4-0GintraGintra
Slavia PrahaSlavia Praha5-0Slovan LiberecSlovan Liberec
PlzeňPlzeň0-17Slavia PrahaSlavia Praha
RosengårdRosengård2-3Slavia PrahaSlavia Praha
Dukla PrahaDukla Praha0-5Slavia PrahaSlavia Praha
Hradec KrálovéHradec Králové0-16Slavia PrahaSlavia Praha
Slavia PrahaSlavia Praha0-0RosengårdRosengård
Slavia PrahaSlavia Praha8-0SlováckoSlovácko
Sparta PrahaSparta Praha2-0Slavia PrahaSlavia Praha
Slavia PrahaSlavia Praha1-1BayernBayern
Slavia PrahaSlavia Praha2-0Horní HeršpiceHorní Heršpice
BayernBayern5-1Slavia PrahaSlavia Praha
Slovan LiberecSlovan Liberec0-1Slavia PrahaSlavia Praha
Slavia PrahaSlavia Praha6-1PlzeňPlzeň
Slavia PrahaSlavia Praha7-0Slovan LiberecSlovan Liberec
Sparta PrahaSparta Praha4-2Slavia PrahaSlavia Praha
Slavia PrahaSlavia Praha8-2SlováckoSlovácko
Slovan LiberecSlovan Liberec0-8Slavia PrahaSlavia Praha
Slavia PrahaSlavia Praha3-5Sparta PrahaSparta Praha
SlováckoSlovácko0-7Slavia PrahaSlavia Praha

Club record in UEFA competitions

  • Biggest win:
    07/08/2018, Slavia Praha 7-2 Ataşehir, Budapest
  • Biggest defeat:
    23/03/2016, Lyon 9-1 Slavia Praha, Lyon
  • Appearances in UEFA Women's Champions League:  7
  • Player with most UEFA appearances: 27
    Petra Divišová (  CZE)
  • Top scorers in UEFA club competitions: 13
    Petra Divišová (  CZE)
    Kateřina Svitková (  CZE)