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Tirana : City Profile

Albania’s capital city, Tirana is located in the centre of the country, enclosed by stunning mountain ranges and blessed with a warm climate…

Things to do in Tirana

1. Start out at the Skanderbeg Monument: The 15th-century nobleman Skanderbeg is Albania's national hero for his role in rebelling against the Ottoman Empire. His impressive statue dominates Skanderbeg Square and is a great place to start exploring the city, with many important buildings nearby.

Inside the Cloud in central Tirana
Inside the Cloud in central TiranaNurPhoto via Getty Images

2. Visit the Palace of Brigades: The former Royal Palace and now Presidential Palace is open to the public at weekends. The Royal Garden is impressive, but the nearby Grand Park of Tirana is a great place to relax too.

3. Get up in the Cloud: An art installation placed in front of the National Gallery of Arts since 2016, the Cloud is a delicate, three-dimensional structure which forms a semi-transparent, irregular canopy. Hard to describe but definitely worth seeing.

4. Go shopping at the New Bazaar: Located near Avni Rustemi Square, a short walk from the centre of Tirana, the brightly coloured new shopping area replaced the city's old market place and is a great place to experience Albanian café culture: strong coffee a must.

5. Head for the Pyramid: As a symbol of communist times, the Pyramid was threatened with destruction, but the mausoleum built for former dictator Enver Hoxha lives on as a conference centre. Not too far away is the Peace Bell, another monument to Albania's complex recent history.