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Bergkamp recalls his European glories with Ajax and Inter

Now a member of Ajax's technical team, Dennis Bergkamp looks back on the two European trophies he won with the Dutch side and the one he won with Inter Milan.

Bergkamp: My European triumphs
Bergkamp: My European triumphs

1987 European Cup Winners' Cup
Ajax 1-0 Lokomotive Leipzig
That was such a fantastic time for me. Experiencing all that, with so many good players, and contributing to that final as a youngster was something really special.

It all happened so fast. I was still in school when we played the Cup Winners' Cup and I played in the final. Then there was the trip back to Amsterdam, the tour through the city. It was amazing. It was really just the beginning for me, so it was really special. After that I raised the bar really high because when that all happens in your first year, you won't accept anything less from that moment on.

1992 UEFA Cup
Torino 2-2 Ajax (Ajax won on away goals)

I think something started within that team, led by Louis Van Gaal. It was a group that had been together for many years and there had been some additions from outside.

We had experienced players, talented young players and creativity. During that season, we noticed that we were only getting stronger and better, and that playing in Europe was somewhere we belonged. We all wanted to take the next step forward and that's what we did. It was very special, of course.

Unfortunately, I missed out on the home game because of a fever, but the whole build-up towards that game was so special. You never forget that as a player because that's what it's all about: winning prizes, which we did by playing great football.

1994 UEFA Cup
Inter Milan 2-0 Salzburg (agg)

That was amazing. Again, the feeling at that moment – when you are in the middle of your career, when you're still relatively young – you're not really thinking about winning trophies at that point.

You're more concerned with your own game, what form you're in, the game coming up next. Then you win the UEFA Cup and you're really excited and happy, but looking back on your career, you're more proud now than you were back then.

Wim Jonk and Dennis Bergkamp celebrate Inter's 1994 triumph
Wim Jonk and Dennis Bergkamp celebrate Inter's 1994 triumph©