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UEFA Europa League 2018/19: payments to participating clubs

UEFA has released financial figures detailing the distribution of revenue from the 2018/19 edition of the Europa League.

UEFA Europa League 2018/19: payments to participating clubs
UEFA Europa League 2018/19: payments to participating clubs ©Getty Images

More than €559.2 million in payments from UEFA have been shared by the 56 clubs that took part in the 2018/19 UEFA Europa League group stage and/or knockout phase – compared with over €428.1m in 2017/18.

The increased payments reflect the distribution provisions implemented for the new 2018–21 commercial cycle in the European club competitions.

UEFA Europa League 2018/19: payments to participating clubs

How Europa League revenue was distributed

Club competition revenue was centralised in a single pot with the net amount available to participating clubs then split into four different pillars:

• 25% allocated to starting fees: €132 million
• 30% allocated to performance related fixed amounts: €175.2m
• 15% distributed on the basis of a ten-year performance-based coefficient ranking: €84m
• 30% allocated to variable amounts (market pool): €168m

In terms of fixed amounts, clubs received €2.75m (compared to €2.6m previously) for taking part in the group stage – €570,000 (€360,000) for each group stage victory and €190,000 (€120,000) for each draw. Any undistributed money (i.e. €190,000 per draw) was redistributed among all of the clubs participating in the group stage, in proportion to the number of wins achieved by each team.

Each group winner received €1m (€600,000), and the runners-up €500,000 (€300,000). Every club taking part in the round of 32 earned €500,000 (€500,000), while clubs participating in the round of 16 each received €1.1m (€750,000).

The eight quarter-finalists received €1.5m each (€1m), and the four semi-finalists €2.4m (€1.6m) each. Winners Chelsea earned €8.5m (€6.5m), and runners-up Arsenal received €4.5m (€3.5m).

Monies from the market pool were divided according to the value of the TV market in each country.

New ranking system for 2018/19 season

Last season, a new ranking system was introduced on the basis of performances over a 10-year period.

In addition to coefficient points accumulated during this period, this ranking included bonus points for having won the UEFA Champions League/European Champion Clubs' Cup, the UEFA Europa League/UEFA Cup and the European Cup Winners' Cup.

More detailed information will be available in UEFA's 2018/19 Financial Report, published after the annual UEFA Congress takes place in March 2020.