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@EuropaMike puts your Twitter questions to Gullit

"I would love to see Tottenham play Chelsea in the final," said former AC Milan and Netherlands forward Ruud Gullit as he answered your @EuropaMike Twitter questions.

Ruud Gullit answered users' questions posted on the @EuropaMike Twitter feed
Ruud Gullit answered users' questions posted on the @EuropaMike Twitter feed ©

With a week still to catch your breath between the UEFA Europa League rounds of 32 and 16, the fans' voice of the competition on Twitter, @EuropaMike, asked users to send in their questions for former AC Milan, Chelsea FC and Netherlands forward Ruud Gullit. The 50-year-old had his say on this season's potential finalists, which current players he would like to play with, and the best hairstyle in the modern game.

@LewisRexter and @ameen193101: Who do you think will win the Europa League this season?

Ruud Gullit: It's tough to call but I think Tottenham will win it. I do not know why but I like them and they play some good football.

@leiaskywalkers: Which Italian side do you think could get the closest to winning the Europa League?

Gullit: It will be tough for Inter and Lazio. I do not think they will get to the final but they have a good chance.

@96Dodds: Which of the English sides would you say have the best chance of winning the Europa League this season?

Gullit: Chelsea will get far and they are a club that is in my heart but I am still sticking to my original answer which is Tottenham.

@The_Nenae: Which two teams would you like to see in the final?

Gullit: I would love to see Tottenham play Chelsea in the final – it would be too close to call in terms of who would win but it would be a great game. If Ajax had got to the final it would have been crazy.

@ArgHotspur: What do you think about Gareth Bale?

Gullit: He's a good player, he's playing really well at the moment and I would like to see if he stays at Tottenham.

@Daffa12Fauzan: Who is the best Chelsea player at the moment?

Gullit: Juan Mata – he has a good influence on the team and he makes things happen for them.

@sasekumar17: In the Chelsea squad, who reminds you of yourself?

Gullit: Nobody. It is not because I am cocky but every player is unique, they all have their own style.

@Jackdarby2405 and @OssieTheKing_: Who was the best player you played with in your career?

Gullit: Marco van Basten because he is the best striker that I ever played alongside. He was a great player and now he is coaching at Heerenveen.

@turco58: Who was the most difficult player you played against?

Gullit: That is a good question – I would have to say former Bayern, Juventus and Dortmund defender Jürgen Kohler. He was so difficult to score against.

@iamdavidhall: If you could play with any current player who would it be and why?

Gullit: Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. I am not going to just pick one. They are the best there is, the best players in the world.

@JamzyAdam: Robin van Persie or Ruud van Nistelrooy?

Gullit: That is not a fair question! They are two different players, who played in different eras and they have a different style.

@endiependent: You had a unique hairstyle back then; who do you think is the player with the best hair now?

Gullit: Stephan El Shaarawy and his mohawk. If you are going to stand out because of your hair or your boots you have to be a good player.

@HENRYweir_: What was the most memorable goal you scored in your career?

Gullit: It was the opening goal in the 1988 European Championship final of course. It was a great occasion.

@Gaboschini: Do you think if Lionel Messi was playing with you in the late 80s and early 90s he would have been the best?

Gullit: It is difficult – in my playing days Diego Maradona was the best and I cannot really compare. People like to compare but it is very hard to judge players from different eras.