Sobota searching for fresh Śląsk high

"In recent weeks I had two experiences I'll never forget," said Waldemar Sobota, who is aiming to take WKS Śląsk Wrocław past Sevilla FC after starring lately for club and country.

Waldemar Sobota (centre) celebrates after scoring at Club Brugge
Waldemar Sobota (centre) celebrates after scoring at Club Brugge ©AFP/Getty Images

Waldemar Sobota's career in on a high right now. Firstly, he helped WKS Śląsk Wrocław to beat Club Brugge KV to the UEFA Europa League play-offs with two second-leg goals, before then scoring in Poland's 3-2 friendly defeat of Denmark. As they prepare to visit Sevilla FC on Thursday for the first leg of their play-off, Sobota told "In recent weeks I had two experiences I will never forget." Most people say Sevilla are clear favourites. Do you agree?

Waldemar Sobota: Definitely, they are a big team and I know that not many people believe in us. But it was the same in the third qualifying round when we played against Club Brugge. In that instance we were also underdogs, but we proved Polish teams can play good, offensive football and do not have to be scared of supposedly better opponents.

We beat them 1-0 at home and then drew 3-3 in Bruges. We did not win because of luck, we beat them because we were better. I don't know how it is going to to go against Sevilla, but I believe we can do well. Have you watched their first league match, against Club Atlético de Madrid on Saturday?

Sobota: Not live, but I watched a replay. They lost 3-1, but everybody could see they are a great team. However, I think that this loss can somehow help us because maybe Sevilla's players lost a little bit of confidence. You played well against Club Brugge, you scored two crucial goals in the second match and then you were chosen as the national team's man of the match in the friendly against Denmark. Does it mean you are playing the best football of your life?

Sobota: I think so. I feel well prepared for this season. I always believed in myself but before some small parts were missing. Now, everything is fine. We have fantastic coaching staff and it is like they are able to predict what I need at any moment and then provide it for me in training.

In recent weeks I had two experiences I will never forget. Firstly, the great second leg against Brugge, and then the international. I scored a goal, we beat Denmark 3-2 and when I was substituted I got a standing ovation. This was really amazing. It would be great to continue like this ... It is highly probable that you will leave Śląsk soon as you have many offers from abroad, but the fans have launched a Facebook campaign: 'Waldek, stay with us'. What do you think about that?

Sobota: It is nice, the fans always supported me. But as far as my future is concerned, I really don't know what is going to happen. Of course I know that some clubs are interested in me, but I am a professional player and I focus on the upcoming games. You also have German nationality and you speak the language fluently. Does it mean that the Bundesliga is your favoured destination?

Sobota: Definitely, it is my favourite league, but of course I don't exclude other destinations. But as far as German football is concerned, I was born in Ozimek, the place where Miroslav Klose's uncle lives. I even met Miro Klose some years ago because he comes from the same part of Poland. I would not say he was my idol, but for sure he was a kind of inspiration. Your name, Sobota, means 'Saturday'. But if you want Śląsk to qualify, you must play well on Thursday ...

Sobota: Yes I know! I got used to the media using my name, especially when we have a match on Saturday. I have seen many headlines along the lines of 'Saturday will belong to him' or something like that. But my ambition is to play well every day of the week!