UEFA Europa League anthem

A new UEFA Europa League anthem was composed to launch at the start of the 2015/16 season.


A new UEFA Europa League anthem was composed to launch at the start of the 2015/16 season along with the revamped competition branding.

Composed by Michael Kadelbach and recorded in Berlin, the anthem accompanies the centre-circle ceremony at the start of all games in the competition, and is also played in the opening and closing sequences of all UEFA Europa League broadcasts. As with that visual identity, fans feature prominently, providing the underlying rhythm through the sound of their hands clapping, aiming to provide true consistency between broadcast coverage and the live stadium experience.

The powerful bond that exists between players, fans and coaches is expressed through the levels of clapping and natural stadium sound which reflect the intensity and excitement of epic European match nights. This catchy, melodic theme provides limitless energy and excitement putting the spotlight on the big match producing a 'togetherness' feeling which seamlessly transitions from broadcast coverage to the live stadium atmosphere.

Kadelbach, a passionate football fan himself, was inspired by his days as a youth on the terraces of Eintracht Frankfurt. He said: "I wanted this music to  capture all the emotion and energy I felt as a youngster standing side by side my friends as we all loudly clapped and cheered on our team, win or lose."

The previous anthem was composed by Frenchman Yohann Zveig and recorded by the orchestra of the Paris Opera in spring 2009 for the inaugural UEFA Europa League season of 2009/10. Zveig said the piece aimed "stay true to football's tradition, while capturing the event's explosive energy".