How it works

Who are the form players in the UEFA Europa League this season? Using a specially devised algorithm, the FedEx Performance Zone reveals all.

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What is it?
The FedEx Performance Zone tracks players' form for their clubs in the UEFA Europa League as well as their respective domestic leagues. The FedEx Performance Zone runs official player statistics through a specially designed algorithm to create rankings based on performances.

Player data from domestic matches and qualifying rounds of both the UEFA Champions League (for teams entering via that competition) and UEFA Europa League forms the initial basis for the rankings, with domestic displays since 1 August also factored in.

The FedEx Performance Zone is purely a form tracker and does not suggest that one player is better than another.

How it works
All players are assigned a primary on-field position, which they are expected to play the majority of the time.

The player categories are defined as: goalkeepers, full-backs, central defenders, defensive midfielders, central midfielders, attacking midfielders, wingers and forwards.

The data considered for each player is specific to the position type. For example, tackles and blocks are considered to be key statistics for defensive midfielders, while successful dribbles and crosses are core stats for wingers.

The algorithm uses player stats from matches in each club's domestic league as well as the UEFA Europa League, and delivers updates after these games are played. During UEFA Europa League matchnights, the rankings update live during every match.
As the FedEx Performance Zone acts as a form tracker, the more recent the fixture, the higher the weighting assigned to the data derived from it, i.e. player stats from yesterday are given more significance than those from last week. If a player is not active (e.g. due to injury or non-selection), his ranking will decrease over that period of inactivity.

Performances in the UEFA Europa League are accorded the highest weighting of three possibilities. Then displays in the 29 domestic competitions in which the 48 group stage teams play are also included, with weightings corresponding to the respective competition. The top leagues are weighted at 1, and so on, as domestic leagues are weighted in line with the UEFA association club coefficients.

New for 2017/18
Key performances: In the FedEx Performance Zone pages, you will find key statistics for players in a particular match in the last 14 days. That data comes from a game in which the player shone in key elements of their performance and reached the elite percentile in the relevant statistics. This is based on an automated algorithm to show the difference makers in different facets of the game.

Compare #UEL Players: If you click the Compare icon on a particular player, you can delve straight into a fantastic tool to study how your favourite players compare with others in the same position. As soon as matchday one commences, you will be able to crunch the data and compare!

Player cards: If you click on the bottom right icon on your favourite players, you will find some of the key stats relating to their position. Here you can discover how many clearances the top defender has made, how many passes the leading midfielder provides, and how many attempts at goal the top strikers need to score.