2020 UEFA Futsal Champions League finals

The four-team finals will be played on 24 and 26 April at Minsk Arena in Belarus.

Minsk Arena will stage the game
Minsk Arena will stage the game Getty Images

The UEFA Futsal Champions League finals, a four-team knockout event involving the elite round winners, will be played in late April at Minsk Arena, the first time the event has been in a neutral country.

Contenders: Barça (ESP), KPRF (RUS), Murcia FS (ESP), Tyumen (RUS)

The 15,000-capacity arena in the capital of Belarus opened in 2010, and is the home of ice hockey’s Dinamo Minsk and basketball’s Tsmoki Minsk. It was the main venue for the 2014 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship and staged gymnastics in the 2019 European Games, as well as many major concerts.

Hosts since the introduction of the four-team finals have been Murcia (2007), Moscow (2008), Ekaterinburg (2009), Lisbon (2010 and 2015), Almaty (2011, 2017 and 2019), Lleida (2012), Tbilisi (2013), Baku (2014), Guadalajara (2016) and Zaragoza (2018)


Finals draw: 17:00 CET (local time is two hours ahead), Wednesday 5 February at Belarus Olympic Committee headquarters, Minsk

Semi-finals: Friday 24 April
16:00 CET & 19:00 CET
Third-place play-off: Sunday 26 April
13:30 CET
Friday: Sunday 26 April
16:00 CET

Roll of honour

Four-team finals

2019 (Almaty): Sporting CP (POR) 2-1 Kairat Almaty (KAZ)
Four-team finals
2018 (Zaragoza): Inter FS (ESP) 5-2 Sporting CP (POR)
2017 (Almaty): Inter FS (ESP) 7-0 Sporting CP (POR)
2016 (Guadalajara): Ugra Yugorsk (RUS) 4-3 Inter FS (ESP)
2015 (Lisbon): Kairat Almaty (KAZ) 3-2 Barça (ESP)
2014 (Baku): Barça (ESP) 5-2aet FC Dynamo (RUS)
2013 (Tbilisi): Kairat Almaty (KAZ) 4-3 FC Dynamo (RUS)
2012 (Lleida): Barça (ESP) 3-1 FC Dynamo (RUS)
2011 (Almaty): Montesilvano (ITA) 5-2 Sporting CP (POR)
2010 (Lisbon): Benfica (POR) 3-2aet Inter FS (ESP)
2009 (Ekaterinburg): Inter FS (ESP) 5-1 Sinara Ekaterinburg (RUS)
2008 (Moscow): Sinara Ekaterinburg (RUS) 4-4aet, 3-2pens Murcia FS (ESP)
2007 (Murcia): FC Dynamo (RUS) 2-1 Inter FS (ESP)
Two-legged finals
2006: Inter FS (ESP) 6-3/3-4: 9-7agg FC Dynamo (RUS)
2005: Action 21 Charleroi (BEL) 4-3/6-6aet: 10-9agg FC Dynamo (RUS)
2004: Inter FS (ESP) 4-1/3-4: 7-5agg Benfica (POR)
2003: Playas de Castellón (ESP) 1-1/6-4: 7-5agg Action 21 Charleroi (BEL)
Eight-team finals
2002 (Lisbon): Playas de Castellón 5-1 Action 21 Charleroi (BEL)