'Extraordinary' Barcelona delight Carmona

FC Barcelona coach Marc Carmona and forward Sergio Lozano took huge satisfaction from the 5-1 semi-final defeat of Sporting Clube de Portugal, who conceded they were outplayed.

Barcelona trio Ari, Fernandao and Saad Assis celebrate after the game
Barcelona trio Ari, Fernandao and Saad Assis celebrate after the game ©Sportsfile

Marc Carmona, Barcelona coach
Yes, all went well for us. I think that we played very well in the first half, in defence and in attack. We managed to play well, to deal with their changes. I think that my players were very good in positional terms. We reached half-time with a big advantage but we expected a second half like the one that we had, with them playing the flying goalkeeper.

We had an extraordinary first half and in the second half we concentrated too much on defence. I'm very grateful to the crowd and I hope they can be here again on Sunday. Our next opponents, Dínamo, are a constellation of stars, formed for an assault on their league and the UEFA Futsal Cup. These are two big teams and Sunday's match will be closer than tonight's.

Sergio Lozano, Barcelona forward & man of the match
I'm very happy for all the team. We had an excellent match and all of us were exceptional. I think we started with a lot of intensity, trying to impose our game and we were very good in defence. That, in the end, is the key to winning matches.

The team is very confident, especially with the support of these fans. This atmosphere is very gratifying, I hope it continues like this and I'm sure they will support us until the last minute. Dinamo are one of the best teams in the world, with the best Russian and Brazilian players. I expect a tough match and I hope that it ends up going our way.

Orlando Duarte, Sporting coach
Barcelona are, at the moment, the best team in Europe, in the world. So we didn't find strange the, quality of play, the ability of their team. In my opinion they are the strongest team in the world. We tried to fight with the weapons we had but it was not enough. We were playing against a very strong team.

I'm guilty for this because we changed our defensive strategy a little bit and it didn't work out. We were afraid of having possession and that also didn't help. The first part of the first half was bad and it was during that time that we lost the match. We tried to change things with a flying goalkeeper and it also didn't work out. We missed a penalty and perhaps that should have put us closer. We weren't lucky but I don't like to talk about luck as there is only work. We should learn from our mistakes tro see where we have failed in those first ten minutes and try to do our best on Sunday.

Pedro Cary, Sporting defender
We were expecting a world-class Barcelona. We knew that would have to go through a lot to get a positive result. Unfortunately, the start was not good for us, they had a very strong start and that was the key. We were weakened but we have to give credit to them. We have to be aware of the competition that we are in.

Portugal have been growing strongly and steadily but we are still a little bit behind Russia, Italy and Spain, as in this case. We know that we are a level behind them at international level, and we know that at club level we are also behind them. Fortunately Benfica won in 2010, defeating Interviú [Madrid] in what was a fair result but it was at home. If we played against Barcelona at home maybe we could have risen to their level. Playing against them in their home makes things more difficult. But playing at home is not all. When you have quality it doesn't matter where you play, and they have it. We have to congratulate Barcelona because they were much stronger.

João Benedito, Sporting goalkeeper
We have to congratulate Barcelona. They had a fantastic attitude, superior pace, they started very well, managed to score and then they just controlled the game. For us, we couldn't do anything right.

We have to be proud of our campaign. We are among the four best teams of Europe. Of course the image of this match will stay longer than that point but we have to be responsible and face that and what we did wrong in this Futsal Cup match, and on Sunday there is a game to win for third place.