Sporting joy: 2018/19 finals at a glance

Sporting CP took their first title as attendance records fell: see the top scorers and new landmarks from Almaty 2019.

Final goalscorer Alex Merlim celebrates with the trophy
Final goalscorer Alex Merlim celebrates with the trophy ©Sportsfile

Sporting CP 2-1 Kairat Almaty

Third-place match
Inter FS 1-3 Barça

Sporting CP 5-3 Inter FS

Barça 2-5 Kairat Almaty

Top scorers (finals)
Dieguinho (Sporting CP) 3
Douglas Junior (Kairat Almaty) 2

Top scorers (season)
Michał Kubik (Record Bielsko-Biała) 10
Oleksandr Bondar (Record Bielsko-Biała) 9
Ferrão (Barça) 9
Michał Marek (Record Bielsko-Biała) 9
Dieguinho (Sporting CP) 8
Edson (Kairat Almaty) 8
Nermin Kahvedžić (Mostar) 8

Semi-final highlights: Sporting CP 5-3 Inter
Semi-final highlights: Sporting CP 5-3 Inter


  • This was the first tournament since the rebranding from the UEFA Futsal Cup.
  • The semi-final crowd of 12,090 for Kairat against Barça was a new competition record, while 11,973 was the highest ever for a final. The 7,031 for the third-place play-off between Inter FS and Barça was the most ever for a game not involving a host club.
  • The aggregate crowd of 37,794 is also a new record.
  • Kairat were the first side to reach eight final fours under the current format.
  • Inter set a new record of 19 straight UEFA club futsal competition wins, running from their 2016 final loss to Ugra Yugorsk until their last-four defeat here by Sporting CP.
  • Inter became the first team to play 76 games in this competition, overtaking EP Chrudim, with Kairat also now on 75.
  • This was only the fourth of 18 finals not to feature a Spanish side, and the first without either Inter or Barça since 2013.
  • Barça's Esquerdinha scored a record ninth career finals goal.
Semi-final highlights: Barça 2-5 Kairat
Semi-final highlights: Barça 2-5 Kairat

Roll of honour

Four-team finals:
UEFA Futsal Champions League
2019 (Almaty): Sporting CP (POR) 2-1 Kairat Almaty (KAZ)
UEFA Futsal Cup

2018 (Zaragoza): Inter FS (ESP) 5-2 Sporting CP (POR)
2017 (Almaty): Inter FS (ESP) 7-0 Sporting CP (POR)
2016 (Guadalajara): Ugra Yugorsk (RUS) 4-3 Inter FS (ESP)
2015 (Lisbon): Kairat Almaty (KAZ) 3-2 Barça (ESP)
2014 (Baku): Barça (ESP) 5-2aet FC Dynamo (RUS)
2013 (Tbilisi): Kairat Almaty (KAZ) 4-3 FC Dynamo (RUS)
2012 (Lleida): Barça (ESP) 3-1 FC Dynamo (RUS)
2011 (Almaty): Montesilvano (ITA) 5-2 Sporting CP (POR)
2010 (Lisbon): Benfica (POR) 3-2aet Inter FS (ESP)
2009 (Ekaterinburg): Inter FS (ESP) 5-1 Sinara Ekaterinburg (RUS)
2008 (Moscow): Sinara Ekaterinburg (RUS) 4-4aet, 3-2pens Murcia FS (ESP)
2007 (Murcia): FC Dynamo (RUS) 2-1 Inter FS (ESP)
Two-legged finals:
2006: Inter FS (ESP) 6-3/3-4: 9-7agg FC Dynamo (RUS)
2005: Action 21 Charleroi (BEL) 4-3, 6-6aet: 10-9agg FC Dynamo (RUS)
2004: Inter FS (ESP) 4-1/3-4: 7-5agg Benfica (POR)
2003: Playas de Castellón (ESP) 1-1/6-4: 7-5agg Action 21 Charleroi (BEL)
Eight-team finals:
2002 (Lisbon): Playas de Castellón (ESP) 5-1 Action 21 Charleroi (BEL)