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FC Twente Stadium

This year’s UEFA Nations League second semi-final and third-place match will take place at the home of FC Twente. The stadium sits on the north-western edge of the city of Enschede, approximately 4.5km from the train station and city centre. It’s also about the same distance away from the city of Hengelo, which is located north-west of Enschede.

(Photo by Christopher Lee - UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images)
(Photo by Christopher Lee - UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images)

Matchday schedule Enschede ⚽

Sunday, 18 June
🥉 Third place match, Netherlands v Italy
🕘 Fan Meeting Point opens: 10:00
Kick-off: 15:00
🕘 Gates open: 12:00

All timing information reflects the local time, CEST.

Access to the stadium 🏟️

Please arrive early! The set-up for this match is different that what you may be used to from FC Twente Stadium.

Locate your entrance on the map below before arriving at the match. ⬇️

Only use the entrance on your ticket. Please approach the stadium in the direction indicated on the map according to your entrance. If you arrive at the wrong side, you may be asked to turn around. Avoid the extra walking and plan ahead!

Look out for signage on-site to guide you or ask our volunteers who will be happy to assist.

Download the map
Download the map

Stadium rules ⚠️

Keep in mind that stadium rules for FC Twente Stadium may differ from what you are used to.

🎒 Bag policy
You can only enter the stadium with bags no bigger than A4. It’s best if you don’t bring a bag at all.

🔋 Power banks
You can bring a small power bank, no larger than your phone.

☀️ Sunscreen
You can bring a small bottle of sunscreen (travel-size) into the stadium.

🚫 Forbidden items
Remember that umbrellas, food, drinks and professional cameras won’t be allowed in. Check out the full list in the stadium rules.

➡️ Safety and security
Security is a team effort. To make FC Twente Stadium safe for everyone, there are security measures in place when you arrive. We’re screening everyone before they enter and carrying out bag searches.

🚨 Emergency information

If case of emergency on-site, or if you need emergency assistance with anything, please contact the nearest steward who will be able to help.

Download stadium rules

Food and drink 🍟

All the excitement is sure to work up an appetite and the concessions around the stadium have got you covered.


✅ You won’t be able to bring in any of your own food and drink, including empty or open water bottles.
✅ Cashless payment only
✅ Grab your snacks and drinks before the match kicks off to avoid busy times.
✅ All drinks will be served in sustainable and re-usable cups. You'll be charged a €2 deposit when you make a purchase, so don't forget to return them after the match to get your deposit back.

A selection of snacks and drinks will be available for sale:

🍻 Drinks: Water, soft drinks, iced tea, energy drinks, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, wine, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beer

🌭 Snacks: Chocolate bars, crisps and candy. You can also grab some Dutch goodies like different broodjes.

Fan shops 🛍️

Stock up on new gear at the two Official Fan Shops located around the stadium. Shop a range of apparel, accessories and replica shirts to show your support!

📍 Locations

1️⃣ Outside the stadium, near Entrance N
2️⃣ Outside the stadium, near the Skybox entrance/P5

💳 Payment

Cashless only – all major cards and Alipay accepted.

🕧 Opening Hours

11:00 -14:45 and until one hour after final whistle

You can bring your merchandise into the stadium and it will not affect your bag allowance as long as it is in an official UEFA Nations League Finals bag.

Getting to the stadium 🛣️

Download the map

Good to know 💡

✅ Book accommodation in Enschede or the surrounding area if possible so you can stay overnight
✅ If you come to Enschede by train, arrive early – the journey may take significantly longer on Sunday due to construction work
✅ A free shuttle service for ticket holders will help you get from the Fan Meeting Point to the stadium quickly

🚲By bike

Be like the locals and hop on a bike! This is by far the most convenient option. The ride from Enschede station and the Fan Meeting Point to the stadium should take you about 20 minutes, and it’s a well-connected path. There are two bike parking areas near the stadium (east and west). Have a look at the stadium map above to locate them.

🚌 By coach bus

Dedicated coach buses will be running from various locations within the Netherlands to the stadium on matchday.

Book coach buses

More info on our travel page.

🚌 By shuttle bus

Dedicated shuttle buses will be running on matchdays from the Universiteit Twente Park+Ride, the stadium and the Fan Meeting Point. They’re free for all ticket holders. Just be prepared to show your mobile match ticket to board the bus.

🚍 Universiteit Twente ↔️ Stadium

🕧 Every 5 - 20 minutes
📅 18 June 12:00 – 18:00

🚍 Universiteit Twente ↔️ Stadium ↔️ Fan Meeting Point (Volkspark)

🕧 Every 15 minutes
📅 18 June 10:00 - 12:45

🚍 Fan Meeting Point ➡️ Stadium

🕧 Every 5 - 20 minutes (Before the match only)
📅 18 June 12:00 – 14:15

Please note not all shuttle buses are accessible, but volunteers will be around to help.

🚆 By train

Trains to Enschede from the west of the country will be busy and slower than usual. There will be rail replacement buses between Rijssen and Deventer. Jump on an early service to avoid the crowds and check the NS planner or 9292 app for live updates.

From Enschede Central station, get on the Sprinter train and get off at stop Enschede Kennispark - directly next to the stadium. The journey time is five minutes and from there it’s a short walk to your stadium entrance.

🚶 On foot

If the weather allows, walking to FC Twente Stadium is another great option. It’s a one-hour stroll along the bike path from Enschede centre and an excellent opportunity to meet fellow fans along the way.

🚙 By car

⚠️ Please note

If you plan to drive to the stadium, you must reserve a parking spot at the Park + Ride at Universiteit Twente or at the coach parking if you’re coming by bus.

Parking 🅿️

Fee: €5

⚽ Sunday, 18 June
Third place match: Netherlands v Italy

Book Universiteit Twente P+RBook Coach Parking

🅿️ Universiteit Twente P+R

💡 This is the university parking and will be the car park for fans attending the matches at FC Twente Stadium. Upon arrival, staff on-site will guide you to the next available parking area.

⌚ From here, it’s a 15-minute walk to the stadium. Alternatively, you can jump on the free shuttle bus.

🚶 At the stadium, the shuttle will drop you off close to the roundabout and it’s a short walk to your entrance. The shuttle will also pick you up after the match at the same location. Have a look at the stadium map to locate the shuttle and see the route!

🅿️ Coach parking

💡 If you’re coming by bus and as part of an organised group, you must reserve a spot at the coach park. Have a look at the stadium map for the exact location. From there, it’s a short walk to the stadium.

🚕 By taxi or rideshare

Taxis or rideshare services will not be widely available on matchday, so it’s best not to rely on this option. Taxis will drop off and pick up at Lonnekerbrugstraat, near entrances I and H. This is the only spot where you will be dropped off around the stadium, so keep in mind you may still need to walk around the stadium to get to your entrance.

Taxis aren’t widely accessible – check our accessibility page for alternative options.

Accessibility page

After the match 👋

18 June (Third-place match) ⚽

⚠️ There will be limited train service after the match due to the planned construction works at Deventer station. Please check the official 9292 app for train timings and plan your travel. You can book train tickets in advance, but this doesn't guarantee you a seat on a specific connection.

If you do take the train after the match:

  • Queue management will be in place at Kennispark station.
  • Make sure you join the correct queue – there will be one for trains to ENSCHEDE and one for trains going to HENGELO / AMSTERDAM / the west of the country.
  • There will be no access to trains via the tunnel at Kennispark. Instead, join the designated queues in front of the station.
  • Trains to the west of the country will be extremely busy. It will be easier to join the queue for trains to ENSCHEDE instead. Enjoy what the city has to offer, and jump on a train to your final destination later in the evening. You’ll avoid the crowds and make the most out of your UEFA Nations League Finals experience!

FAQs 💡

Stadium entry and security 🚨

1) How early should I get to the stadium?

Gates will open three hours before kick-off. We recommend starting your journey to the stadium well before the match so you can get to your seats in good time and allow extra time for security checks.

2) Can I leave the stadium once I enter and then come back in?

Re-entry is not permitted. If you choose to leave the stadium, you won’t be allowed back in.

3) What if I’m late to the match, can I still enter after kick-off?

You’ll still be allowed to enter the stadium as long as the security situation allows it. However, you may not be permitted entry if you arrive too late, so start your journey well in advance and allow additional time to get there.

4) Can I use any turnstiles at the stadium to get to my seat?

You can only get to your seats through the turnstile number indicated on your ticket. If you arrive at a different turnstile, you will be turned away and asked to find the turnstile on your ticket.

5) Is there a minimum age to attend the match?

There is no minimum age to attend the match, but everyone must hold a valid match ticket to enter the stadium.

6) Do underage ticket holders need to be accompanied by an adult?

Yes, ticket holders under the age of 16 can only enter the stadium with an accompanying adult. The accompanying adult MUST have a valid match ticket

Packing and forbidden items 🚫

1) Besides my match ticket, what else do I need to enter the stadium?

Make sure to always carry a valid form of ID with you. Check out the prepping and packing page for more details.

2) What props am I allowed to bring inside?

You can bring flagpoles that are a maximum of 1m long and 1cm in diameter and banners or flags that are a maximum of 2m x 1.5m. Check out the stadium rules for the full details.

Tickets 📱

1) What should I do if I have a problem with my mobile tickets?

If you are experiencing issues with the UEFA Mobile Tickets App or your account, visit the Mobile Tickets FAQs or UEFA Nations League Finals tickets FAQs.

Stadium facilities 🏟️

1) Can I smoke inside the stadium? What about e-cigarettes?

Smoking, including the use of e-cigarettes and heat-not-burn- tobacco products, is not allowed inside the stadium. Thank you for respecting the No Smoking policy.

2) If it rains will the stadium be covered?

The roof of the stadium is designed in such a way that some of the seating will be covered in case any summer showers come our way on the night of the match. Remember umbrellas are not allowed inside the stadium, so bring a poncho with you in case of rain.

3) Is there somewhere I can store large items such as backpacks?

We highly recommend not bringing large items with you on matchday. Bags larger than A4 size won’t be allowed in.

Official Fan Shops 🛍️

1) Can I return items I’ve bought?

Unworn product with tags attached can be exchanged or returned at any of the Official Fan Shops (matchday only) accompanied by a receipt.

Food and drink 🍟

1) Can I bring my own food, snacks, or drinks into the stadium? What if I need to bring specific food or drinks for medical reasons or my medication?

No, you’re not allowed to bring your own food or drinks, including alcohol, of any kind.

If you need to bring in anything for medical reasons, please come to the stadium with an official letter from your medical professional which states your condition.

2) Are there foods that are suitable for dietary requirements such as gluten-free, lactose-free, vegetarian, and vegan?

There will be a vegetarian sandwich option (tosti) for sale.

3) What alcohol will be sold at the stadium?

Non-alcoholic and alcoholic beer, and wine will be available for sale. There will also be a radler option (beer and lemonade mix).

Stadium accessibility ♿

1) I have a question about accessibility at the stadium. Where can I find more information?

Our dedicated accessibility page has all the detailed information on travel, accessibility services at the stadium, and more.