UEFA Nations League: state of play

Promotion, relegation, finals or staying where they are? How all 55 teams are doing in the League Phase.

As it stands, Robert Lewandowski and Poland are heading to the finals
As it stands, Robert Lewandowski and Poland are heading to the finals Getty Images

Albania: currently third in Group C4

Andorra: currently fourth in Group D1

Armenia: currently third in Group C2

Austria: currently first in Group B1

Azerbaijan: currently third in Group C1

Belarus: currently first in Group C4

Belgium: currently first in Group A2

Bosnia and Herzegovina: currently fourth in Group A1

Bulgaria: currently fourth in Group B4

Croatia: currently third in Group A3

Cyprus: currently fourth in Group C1

Czech Republic: currently second in Group B2

Denmark: currently second in Group A2

England: currently third in Group A2

Estonia: currently fourth in Group C2

Faroe Islands: currently first in Group D1

Finland: currently second in Group B4

France: currently second in Group A3

Georgia: currently second in Group C2

Germany: currently second in Group A4

Gibraltar: currently first in Group D2

Greece: currently second in Group C3

Hungary: currently second in Group B3

Iceland: relegated from Group A2

Israel: currently third in Group B2

Italy: currently second in Group A1

Kazakhstan: currently fourth in Group C4

Kosovo: currently third in Group C3

Latvia: currently third in Group D1

Liechtenstein: currently second in Group D2

Lithuania: currently second in Group C4

Luxembourg: currently first in Group C1

Malta: currently second in Group D1

Moldova: currently fourth in Group C3

Montenegro: currently second in Group C1

Netherlands: currently third in Group A1

North Macedonia: currently first in Group C2

Northern Ireland: currently fourth in Group B1

Norway: currently second in Group B1

Poland: currently first in Group A1

Portugal: currently first in Group A3

Republic of Ireland: currently third in Group B4

Romania: currently third in Group B1

Russia: currently first in Group B3

San Marino: currently third in Group D2 and cannot be promoted

Scotland: currently first in Group B2

Serbia: currently fourth in Group B3

Slovakia: currently fourth in Group B2

Slovenia: currently first in Group C3

Spain: currently first in Group A4

Sweden: currently fourth in Group A3

Switzerland: currently fourth in Group A4

Turkey: currently third in Group B3

Ukraine: currently third in Group A4

Wales: currently first in Group B4