Friendly fixtures and results during Nations League

The full list of friendly fixtures and results taking place around the inaugural UEFA Nations League.

Germany were on top form against Russia ©Getty Images

Below is a full list of the friendly fixtures and results taking place during the UEFA Nations League 2018/19 League Phase (times CET).

The League Phase of the inaugural edition of the tournament began on Thursday 6 September and ends on Tuesday. The competition is made up of four leagues of either three or four-team groups. As a result, countries in three-team groups are available for friendlies during certain international windows.

Matchday one

Belgium consigned Scotland to a heavy home loss┬ęGetty Images

Wednesday 5 September: Slovakia 3-0 Denmark
Thursday 6 September: Austria 2-0 Sweden, Netherlands 2-1 Peru, Portugal 1-1 Croatia
Friday 7 September: Scotland 0-4 Belgium

Matchday two

Sunday 9 September: Germany 2-1 Peru
Monday 10 September: Russia 5-1 Czech Republic
Tuesday 11 September: England 1-0 Switzerland, Northern Ireland 3-0 Israel, Poland 1-1 Republic of Ireland

Matchday three

Spain kept up their fine form in Wales┬ęGetty Images

Wednesday 10 October: Albania 0-0 Jordan, Italy 1-1 Ukraine
Thursday 11 October: France 2-2 Iceland, Turkey 0-0 Bosnia and Herzegovina, Wales 1-4 Spain

Matchday four

Sunday 14 October: Scotland 1-3 Portugal
Monday 15 October: Croatia 2-1 Jordan
Tuesday 16 October: Belgium 1-1 Netherlands, Denmark 2-0 Austria, Sweden 1-1 Slovakia

Matchday five

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Wednesday 14 November: Switzerland 0-1 Qatar
Thursday 15 November: England 3-0 United States, Germany 3-0 Russia, Poland 0-1 Czech Republic, Republic of Ireland 0-0 Northern Ireland, Israel 7-0 Guatemala

Matchday six

Sunday 18 November: Spain v Bosnia and Herzegovina (20:45)
Monday 19 November: Iceland v Qatar (19:30)
Tuesday 20 November: Albania v Wales (20:00), France v Uruguay (21:00), Italy v United States (20:45), Turkey v Ukraine (18:30)