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Youth League group stage: see who went through

Atalanta and Madrid joined Ajax, Bayern, Benfica, Inter, Juventus and Liverpool in the round of 16.

Juventus FC via Getty Images

Who went through?

  • Progress to round of 16: Ajax, Atalanta,Bayern München, Benfica, Internazionale Milano, Juventus, Liverpool, Real Madrid
  • Progress to play-offs: Atlético Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, Club Brugge, Crvena zvezda, Dinamo Zagreb, LOSC Lille, Lyon, Salzburg, Derby County*, Dynamo Kyiv*, Midtjylland*, Porto (holders)*, Rangers*, Real Zaragoza*, Rennes*, Sheriff Tiraspol*
  • Play-off draw: 14:00 CET, Monday

*Domestic champions path winners

Matchday one

Tuesday 17 September
Group E: Napoli 1-1 Liverpool (highlights), Salzburg 1-1 Genk 
Group F: Inter 4-0 Slavia Praha, Dortmund 2-1 Barcelona (highlights)
Group G: Lyon 4-2 Zenit, Benfica 2-1 Leipzig 
Group H: Chelsea 3-3 Valencia, Ajax 4-0 LOSC Lille

Highlights: Dortmund 2-1 Barcelona
Highlights: Dortmund 2-1 Barcelona

Wednesday 18 September
Group A: Club Brugge 3-2 Galatasaray, Paris 1-2 Real Madrid (highlights)
Group B: Olympiacos 1-1 Tottenham, Bayern 0-0 Crvena zvezda 
Group C: Shakhtar 1-3 Manchester City, Dinamo Zagreb 1-0 Atalanta 
Group D: Atlético 0-4 Juventus (highlights), Leverkusen 2-2 Lokomotiv Moskva

Highlights: Paris 1-2 Real Madrid
Highlights: Paris 1-2 Real Madrid

Matchday two

Tuesday 1 October
Group A: Real Madrid 3-0 Club Brugge, Galatasaray 1-5 Paris 
Group B: Tottenham 1-4 Bayern (highlights), Crvena zvezda 2-1 Olympiacos 
Group C: Atalanta 2-2 Shakhtar, Manchester City 2-2 Dinamo Zagreb
Group D: Juventus 4-1 Leverkusen (highlights), Lokomotiv Moskva 2-3 Atlético 

Highlights: Tottenham 1-4 Bayern
Highlights: Tottenham 1-4 Bayern

Wednesday 2 October
Group E: Genk 3-1 Napoli, Liverpool 4-2 Salzburg 
Group F: Slavia Praha 1-0 Dortmund, Barcelona 0-3 Inter (highlights)
Group G: Zenit 1-7 Benfica, Leipzig 1-3 Lyon 
Group H: Valencia 3-5 Ajax, LOSC Lille 2-0 Chelsea (highlights)

Highlights: Barcelona v Internazionale
Highlights: Barcelona v Internazionale

Matchday three

Tuesday 22 October
Group A: Club Brugge 2-0 Paris (highlights), Galatasaray 0-1 Real Madrid 
Group B: Tottenham 9-2 Crvena zvezda, Olympiacos 0-4 Bayern 
Group C: Shakhtar 1-1 Dinamo Zagreb, Manchester City 1-3 Atalanta
Group D: Atlético 2-0 Leverkusen (highlights), Juventus 1-2 Lokomotiv Moskva 

Highlights: Club Brugge 2-0 Paris
Highlights: Club Brugge 2-0 Paris

Wednesday 23 October
Group E: Salzburg 7-2 Napoli, Genk 0-2 Liverpool 
Group F: Inter 4-1 Dortmund (highlights), Slavia Praha 0-4 Barcelona 
Group G: Leipzig 1-1 Zenit, Benfica 1-2 Lyon 
Group H: Ajax 0-1 Chelsea (highlights), LOSC Lille 1-0 Valencia 

Highlights: Internazionale 4-1 Dortmund
Highlights: Internazionale 4-1 Dortmund

Matchday four

Tuesday 5 November
Group E: Liverpool 0-1 Genk, Napoli 1-5 Salzburg 
Group F: Barcelona 2-3 Slavia Praha, Dortmund 2-1 Inter (highlights)
Group G: Zenit 0-2 Leipzig, Lyon 2-3 Benfica (highlights)
Group H: Chelsea 1-1 Ajax, Valencia 1-2 LOSC Lille 

Highlights: Lyon 2-3 Benfica
Highlights: Lyon 2-3 Benfica

Wednesday 6 November
Group A: Paris 0-4 Club Brugge, Real Madrid 2-4 Galatasaray (highlights)
Group B: Bayern 6-0 Olympiacos, Crvena zvezda 2-0 Tottenham 
Group C: Dinamo Zagreb 1-0 Shakhtar, Atalanta 1-0 Manchester City (highlights)
Group D: Lokomotiv Moskva 0-1 Juventus, Leverkusen 0-2 Atlético 

Highlights: Real Madrid 2-4 Galatasaray
Highlights: Real Madrid 2-4 Galatasaray

Matchday five

Tuesday 26 November
Group A: Galatasaray 2-1 Club Brugge, Real Madrid 6-3 Paris (highlights)
Group B: Tottenham 1-0 Olympiacos, Crvena zvezda 1-1 Bayern 
Group C: Manchester City 5-0 Shakhtar, Atalanta 2-0 Dinamo Zagreb 
Group D: Lokomotiv Moskva 1-3 Leverkusen, Juventus 2-1 Atlético (highlights)

Wednesday 27 November
Group E: Liverpool 7-0 Napoli (highlights), Genk 0-2 Salzburg 
Group F: Barcelona 1-2 Dortmund (highlights), Slavia Praha 4-1 Inter 
Group G: Zenit 3-1 Lyon, Leipzig 0-3 Benfica 
Group H: Valencia 2-1 Chelsea, LOSC Lille 1-2 Ajax 

Highlights: Barcelona 1-2 Dortmund
Highlights: Barcelona 1-2 Dortmund

Matchday six

Tuesday 10 December
Group E: Napoli 0-0 Genk, Salzburg 2-3 Liverpool
Group F: Dortmund 5-1 Slavia Praha, Inter 2-0 Barcelona (highlights)
Group G: Benfica 1-0 Zenit, Lyon 1-0 Leipzig 
Group H: Chelsea 1-1 LOSC Lille (highlights), Ajax 1-1 Valencia 

Highlights: Inter 2-0 Barcelona
Highlights: Inter 2-0 Barcelona

Wednesday 11 December
Group A: Paris 1-0 Galatasaray, Club Brugge 2-2 Real Madrid (highlights)
Group B: Bayern 3-0 Tottenham (highlights), Olympiacos 0-1 Crvena zvezda 
Group C: Shakhtar 1-2 Atalanta, Dinamo Zagreb 1-0 Manchester City
Group D: Atlético 3-0 Lokomotiv Moskva, Leverkusen 0-5 Juventus 

Highlights: Club Brugge 2-2 Real Madrid
Highlights: Club Brugge 2-2 Real Madrid

Knockout dates 

Play-off draw: 16 December
Play-offs: 11/12 February
Knockout draw (round of 16 onwards): 14 February
Round of 16: 3/4 March
Quarter-finals: 17/18 March
Semi-final: 17 April, Nyon
Final: 20 April, Nyon