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Under-17 EURO finals: all the results

The Netherlands won the title after a thrilling tournament in England: see all the results.

Under-17 EURO finals: all the results
Under-17 EURO finals: all the results ©Sportsfile

Group stage

Friday 4 May:
Group A
Italy 2-0 Switzerland, St George's Park
England 2-1 Israel: Chesterfield FC –highlights
Group B
Portugal 0-0 Norway, Walsall FC
Slovenia 0-2 Sweden: St George's Park

Saturday 5 May:
Group C
Denmark 2-3 Bosnia and Herzegovina: Loughborough University
Republic of Ireland 0-2 Belgium: Loughborough University
Group D
Germany 0-3 Netherlands: Walsall FC
Serbia 0-1 Spain: Burton Albion –highlights

Monday 7 May:
Group A
Switzerland 3-0 Israel: St George's Park
England 2-1 Italy: Walsall FC –highlights
Group B
Norway 2-1 Sweden: Burton Albion
Slovenia 0-4 Portugal: Chesterfield FC

Tuesday 8 May:
Group C
Republic of Ireland 1-0 Denmark: St George's Park
Bosnia and Herzegovina 0-4 Belgium: Rotherham United
Group D
Serbia 0-3 Germany: Loughborough University
Netherlands 2-0 Spain: Burton Albion –highlights

Thursday 10 May:
Group A
Switzerland 1-0 England: Rotherham United –highlights
Israel 0-2 Italy: St George's Park
Group B
Sweden 1-0 Portugal: Burton Albion
Norway 2-0 Slovenia: Loughborough University

Friday 11 May:
Group C
Bosnia and Herzegovina 0-2 Republic of Ireland: St George's Park
Belgium 1-0 Denmark: Chesterfield FC
Group D
Netherlands 2-0 Serbia: Loughborough University
Spain 5-1 Germany: Walsall FC – highlights

Knockout phase

Sunday 13 May:
Quarter-final 1, Italy 1-0 Sweden: Rotherham United –highlights
Quarter-final 2, Norway 0-2 England: Burton Albion – highlights

Monday 14 May:
Quarter-final 3, Belgium 2-1 Spain:  Walsall FC –highlights
Quarter-final 4, Netherlands 1-1 Republic of Ireland (5-4 pens): Chesterfield FC –highlights

Thursday 17 May:
Semi-final 1, Italy 2-1 Belgium: 14:00, Rotherham United –highlights
Semi-final 2, England 0-0 Netherlands (5-6 pens): Chesterfield FC –highlights

Sunday 20 May:
Final, Italy 2-2 Netherlands (1-4 pens): Rotherham United –highlights

  • Venues

Burton Albion Stadium (capacity: 6,900) – five games including a quarter-final
St George's Park Stadium (capacity: 500)  – six games
Chesterfield FC Stadium (capacity 10,335) – five games including the opening match, a quarter-final and a semi-final
Loughborough University Stadium (capacity: 3,400) – five games
Rotherham FC Stadium (capacity: 12,000) – five games including the final
Walsall FC Stadium (capacity: 11,000) – five games including a quarter-final