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Captain's guide: Netherlands

On Monday the Netherlands take on Germany in Magdeburg aiming to win the UEFA European Under-17 Championship for the first time and captain Oğuzhan Özyakup presents his exclusive lowdown on the 18-man squad.

Oğuzhan Özyakup (No10) celebrates reaching the final with his team-mates
Oğuzhan Özyakup (No10) celebrates reaching the final with his team-mates ©Sportsfile

On Monday the Netherlands take on Germany in Magdeburg aiming to win the UEFA European Under-17 Championship for the first time. And if they do Arsenal FC midfielder Oğuzhan Özyakup will pick up the trophy. The captain presents uefa.com with his lowdown on the 18 Dutchmen that would be champions.

1 Patrick ter Mate (Vitesse/AGOVV, goalkeeper)
"He started the tournament with a terrific performance against England and he kept up that standard during the other matches. In every match he has made some great saves. I'm sure we can count on him in the final."

2 Ruben Ligeon (AFC Ajax, defender)
"When you mention his name, I think straight away about his goal against Turkey. Before that day I had never seen him score with his left foot. It was certainly a great goal. Hopefully he'll do it again in the final."

3 Stefan de Vrij (Feyenoord, defender)
"Try to get past him! I'm certain the Germany strikers are going to have a hard time in the final. Stefan is a very good header of the ball and has also a very good long pass."

4 Dico Koppers (AFC Ajax, defender)
"Besides his four great games in this tournament, Dico is our table tennis king. Last year, when we were also at the European Championship finals, Dico beat them all. This year nothing has changed. On the pitch, together with Stefan de Vrij, we have a solid central defence."

5 Martijn de Vries (SC Excelsior, defender)
"When he plays at left-back, his opponent mostly have a terrible day. Martijn is very good in defence. Sometimes he makes a move forward, like Roberto Carlos used to."

6 Jerry van Ewijk (Vitesse/AGOVV, midfielder)
"His assist in the Turkey game was fantastic. Thanks to his pass, [Luc] Castaignos scored and we took the lead in an important game."

7 Shabir Isoufi (Feyenoord, forward)
"Dribbling, shooting, passing: Shabir can do it all. It's wonderful to have someone like Shabir playing in your team. He forms a dangerous partnership together with his Feyenoord team-mate Luc Castaignos."

8 Osama Rashid (Feyenoord, midfielder)
"For the Dutch U17 squad he's a very important midfielder. He always does something good with the ball. When the opponents have the ball, Osama does everything to get it back as soon as possible."

9 Luc Castaignos (Feyenoord, forward)
"He's our number one striker. He's scored two goals during the tournament and is now the all-time top scorer for the Netherlands U17 squad. Hopefully he can shine one more time in the final."

10 Oğuzhan Özyakup (Arsenal FC, midfielder)
No comment.

11 Nygel Velder (Feyenoord, forward)
"Nygel scored an important goal against Azerbaijan in the Elite round. I'm still thankful for that. For a striker it must be incredible to have a lefty like Nygel in your team. He can get the ball to wherever he wants."

12 Joël Veltman (AFC Ajax, defender)
"He came on as a substitute against England and had a good game as a right-back. When the team needs him during the final, I'm sure we can count on him. During the semis you could see the passion of Joël. He forget to warm up in the last ten minutes, because he was too excited."

13 Rangelo Janga (SC Excelsior, forward)
"I've never seem him without a smile, Rangelo is always happy. Because of his height, Rangelo is a very good header. When you look at the Dutch national team, you can compare Rangelo with Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink. When we need a goal, the coach will bring him in."

14 Mohamed Madmar (AZ Alkmaar, midfielder)
"Starting as a substitute, Mohamed worked really hard during training. Our coach gave him the chance against Germany and he didn't disappoint him. He brings a lot of physical strength to the team."

15 Bob Schepers (SC Cambuur Leeuwarden, forward)
"Bob can be a real nightmare for his opponents. I hope he will show some great things during the final. He also is the only player in our squad who has already made his debut at his club."

16 Warner Hahn (AFC Ajax, goalkeeper)
"Although his place is on the bench, Warner has always supported the team in a good way. If our first goalie Patrick ter Mate is injured during the final, I'm sure Warner will do a great job in goal."

17 Mats van Huijgevoort (Feyenoord, defender)
"Mats saved us in the semi-final against Switzerland. At 0-0 Mats made an incredible tackle, when three Switzerland players were running straight to our goal. Because of his age, Mats can also play in the U17 squad next year."

18 Ryan Bouwmeester (Feyenoord, midfielder)
"Every team can use someone like him. He works hard, defends well and also has a good pass. As a fellow midfielder, it's wonderful to play with Ryan."

Oğuzhan Özyakup was talking to Ruud Beusink